COVID-19 exams update

To protect our staff, students and the community from the spread of COVID-19, there will be no in-person, invigilated exams held in Spring and Trimester 3 2020.

Final exams that would normally be scheduled in exam halls/facilities on UOW's Australia-based campuses, will either be delivered remotely via Moodle or replaced by alternate assessment tasks. Arrangements are specific to each subject and will be communicated to you by your Subject Coordinator.


At the end of each session your final subject results are published on the web and can be accessed via SOLS. Result notifications are not posted to students and will not be released by telephone or by enquiring at Student Central.

Release of results dates are available on the Exams and Results dates page.

You are entitled to request a review of your mark or grade, by taking the following steps:

  1. Contact your Subject Coordinator as soon as possible after results have been released.
  2. If you are still dissatisfied with your mark or grade after having received feedback from your Subject Coordinator, you may submit a formal request for a review with the Head of School within ten (10) working days after results have been released.

Lodge a Request for Review of Mark or Grade via the Complaints Management website.

Maintaining satisfactory course progress

You are required to pass more than 50% of credit points in each study period to satisfy course progress requirements.

For further information see the Course Progress Policy.

A withheld result for a subject may be granted as follows:

Withheld GradeDescriptionWhen the grade will be used
WH Withheld
  • If the result is not finalised
  • If there is an outstanding grievance or misconduct
  • Other reasons the faculty may have for withholding the result
WD Withheld - Academic Consideration - Deferred Assessment If you have applied for Academic Consideration and are to take a deferred assessment
WS Withheld - Supplementary Assessment - Supplementary Assessment If as a result of being close to passing the subject, you have been offered a supplementary assessment.
WHE Withheld - Extension If an extension has been granted on the withheld result.

Withheld results must be declared 10 weeks after the release of result date. 

Where a WH or ND result is granted, it is your responsibility to contact the relevant academic unit as soon as practical. Failure to do so may result in an automatic fail grade being determined after 10 weeks from the release of results.

If you have a withheld result at the time of results release, the result will normally become available within a few days. We suggest that you check the web every couple of days, and contact your lecturer if the delay is longer. We will not contact you when the result becomes available as a result of the large number of results that can be delayed by a few days.

Withheld result for a course

There are a number of reasons why all your results may be withheld:

  • you have not paid a fee or charge after due notice has been given
  • you have not completed the CareerSmart or StartSmart modules, or
  • you are facing disciplinary proceedings.

You will know that your results have been withheld if they are entirely blocked from view in SOLS or the results for each of your subjects show as 'WITHHELD'.

There are a range of grades that you might receive for an assessment task, or when you complete a subject. The table below lists the grades, what they mean, and in some cases includes some further explanatory information.

Available grades

HD High Distinction (85%-100%)  
D Distinction (75%-84%)  
C Credit (65%-74%)  
P Pass (50%-64%)  
PS Pass Supplementary Implemented 2012; identifies students who have successfully completed a supplementary assessment
F Fail (0%-49%)  
CO Complete  
IPC In Progress Coursework Implemented in Autumn 2008 to replace NC
IPR In Progress Research Implemented in Autumn 2008 to replace NC
S Satisfactory  
U Unsatisfactory  
E Excellent Graduate Medicine subjects only
WH Withheld Implemented in Autumn 2008 to replace WA, WM, WO
WHE Withheld Extension Implemented in Autumn 2008 to replace WE
WD Withheld Deferred Assessment Implemented 2012; identifies students sitting a deferred assessment as a result of an academic consideration application
WS Withheld Supplementary Assessment Implemented 2012; identifies students offered a supplementary assessment as a result of a final mark achieved.
ND Not Declared Implemented in Autumn 2008 to replace NX
TF Technical Fail No mark will be presented on the student record. The allocated mark of 49 will be used as the weighted average mark calculation for subjects at all levels. 

Discontinued grades

The following grades have been discontinued.

WA Withheld - assessment incomplete Discontinued in 2008, replaced by WH
WM Withheld - medical or compassional grounds Discontinued in 2008, replaced by WH
WO Withheld - other Discontinued in 2008, replaced by WH
WE Withheld - extension Discontinued in 2008, replaced by WHE
NX Incomplete Discontinued in 2008, replaced by ND
NC Not Complete Discontinued in 2008, replaced by IPC and IPR
PC Pass Conceded (45%-49%) Discontinued in 2012
PR Pass Restricted (45%-49%) Discontinued in 2012

Wollongong Teachers' College grades

The following grades were applicable between 1962 and 1974:

D Distinction
C Credit
P Pass
F Failure
W Withdrawal
WF Withdrawal/Fail
I Incomplete
E Exempt