If you will need a calculator in your exam this will be indicated on your personal exam timetable on SOLS. Please check your calculator against the list of approved models below.

List of approved calculator models

If your calculator is not on the approved list

First, check if your calculator is on the list of ineligible calculator models.

If you have checked both lists and your calculator is not on either, please complete the online application form below.

Calculators will be approved if they meet the calculator eligibility guideline.

Note: It can take a few days for calculators to be assessed. Do not wait until the day before your exam to submit an application.
Calculator assessment form.

On-campus exams - UOW Approved Calculator sticker

If you have an on-campus exam and are permitted to have a calculator please ensure you have the UOW Approved Calculator sticker so that the exam supervisors can confirm yours is a valid model. 

You can get the calculator sticker from the following locations;

  • Student Central (Wollongong campus)
  • UniShop - if you purchase your calculator there (Wollongong campus)
  • Campus administration (metro and regional campuses)

Calculator assessment form

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