Academic misconduct

Conduct in exams

The University takes a serious view of any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over other students in exams and assessment tasks.

Academic misconduct rules apply to all exams and assessment tasks, regardless of whether they are completed in-person or remotely.

All submitted work will continue to be assessed for academic integrity as per normal processes, and students found to be in breach of academic integrity may be subject to academic misconduct penalties.

Student conduct during exams is governed by the Examination Rules. In summary:

  • don't use unauthorised items
  • don't communicate with anyone except the exams helpdesk or your subject coordinator
  • don't copy from other students or allow others to copy from your own work
  • don't share UOW exam content
  • don’t access any webpages or programs apart from those required to complete your exam

Examples of academic misconduct

  • Using a calculator that is not approved
  • copying from another student or plagiarism
  • sharing UOW exam content

Action following misconduct in exams

Academic misconduct during exams will be dealt with according to the Student Conduct Rules.

The Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) will contact you via UOW mail and will advise you of the outcome and may recommend one of the following:

  • (a) decide to take no further action in relation to the matter, or
  • (b) apply a penalty; or
  • (C) refer the matter to the Faculty Investigation Committee.

Your results may be withheld until the matter is resolved.

The University has a professional Counselling Service available if you need to discuss a personal situation.

Exam FAQs

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