Complaints management

Support for all

Our team provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive and supportive service for the University community; for people of diverse cultural backgrounds, abilities, bodies, genders, relationships and sexualities. We are members of UOW’s Ally Network and Disability Inclusion Network communities and we offer a Safe Place on the Wollongong campus.

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General complaints

If you have experienced a problem with a UOW service, product, staff member or student, and you would like a formal investigation to commence, then you should let us know by submitting a formal complaint. Anonymous general complaints will be investigated; however, if there is insufficient information UOW may decide we are unable pursue your complaint.

Review and appeal of academic decisions

You can request a formal review a mark or grade if you have first sought to resolve your concern with a relevant staff member such as your subject coordinator or tutor. For example, you can ask to see an exam paper and seek an explanation of your mark. If you are not satisfied with the informal response you can submit a formal request for a review by the Head of School or their nominee.

If you have a concern about an academic decision that has affected your academic progress, you can lodge a formal request for a review of that decision provided you have first sought to resolve your concern with an appropriate staff member. Academic decisions are typically those that relate directly to teaching, learning and the delivery of subjects in which you are engaged.

Information on how to submit review and appeal

Complaints Management Centre

As an employer and a provider of higher education, UOW is committed to the provision of a safe, harmonious, supportive and productive environment for students, staff and members of the community. UOW welcomes complaints and recognises that complaints provide the University with an opportunity to rectify a problem and to make improvements to our services, policies and processes.

The Complaints Management Centre (CMC) operates under a decentralised complaints handling model.  Its main purpose is to provide advice, receive and refer complaints to the appropriate areas of the University for investigation and response.

The Complaints Management Centre can be contacted on:

Contact the Complaints Management Centre

Visit us at Building 22, Room 106, University of Wollongong, Northfields Ave, Wollongong, NSW, 2522