Transfer procedure

Steps to change your course or campus

These transfer procedures need to be followed if you want to:

  • change campus of enrolment
  • transfer from a single degree to a double degree (add a course)
  • transfer from a double degree to a single degree (remove a course)
  • transfer into a different degree



  1. Refer to the table below for session of intake and degree specific information
  2. Check the release of results date for the current session
  3. Once you have received your results, complete a Course Transfer Form
  4. Print an enrolment record from SOLS and attach it to the form
  5. Submit the completed form and enrolment record to Business and Law Central
  6. Once the application has been assessed, successful and unsuccessful students will be notified of the outcome via SOLSMail.

Transferring into the Bachelor of Laws

Students who are studying any of the LLB single or combined degree programs may only transfer from one program to another in the second or subsequent year of enrolment.


Each year, a significant number of students in other programs and faculties make applications to transfer into the Bachelor of Laws degree. In any given year, the number of applications for transfer will greatly exceed the places available for transferring students. The School of Law will consider applications for such transfers on the following basis:

  • students to have completed at least 48 credit points of subjects and attained a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 70; and
  • there are places available.

The number of places available for transfer will be determined from year to year, based on a variety of factors including the overall number of places in Law, the number of students that have withdrawn from studies in Law during the previous year or that have deferred their first year of study, and the size of the upcoming first year class. Applications received will be ranked according to WAM, and places allocated according to rank. A WAM of 70 alone will not guarantee a successful transfer application.