Lawyers resolve complex ethical and legal issues

Lawyers perform a valuable role in society. From criminal law to family law, lawyers use their skills to seek justice and uphold the law. At UOW you'll gain an understanding of Australia’s legal system and its social and international context, as well as understand the political, ethical and economic perspectives needed to make a difference in contemporary society. As a UOW Law student you will apply your knowledge in a 20-day internship as part of your studies, so you are prepared to take on the workforce once you graduate. 

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Earn a recognised qualification:

  • Be recognised: Your UOW Law degree is recognised for admission as a lawyer in Australia, subject to completing state-approved Practical Legal Training.
  • International accreditation: The Bachelor of Laws is accredited by the Bar Council of India and the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. Graduates can be accredited to practice as a barrister or solicitor upon returning home, subject to the completion of any required bridging course.
  • Postgraduate study: Postgraduate and CPD courses offer flexible delivery to fit around your life, with workshops held in block sessions. 

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Develop the specialist skills that employers want:

  • Tailor your degree: Choose from a range of electives so you can tailor your study experience to your career goals. 
  • Choose more than one: The undergraduate program allows you to specialise in a particular field, or combine complementary specialisations in a double degree.
  • Flexibility: Students can study law full-time or part-time, and our undergraduate law degrees are offered at the Wollongong campus and the Liverpool campus. The UOW Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) degree can be studied at our Wollongong and Sydney CBD campuses.

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Become part of UOW's active Law community:

  • Engage with like-minded students: Take advantage of the first year integrated program which is structured so that you have classes with the same group of people for all of your subjects. This approach provides you with a smooth transition into university and fosters valuable social and learning networks.
  • Experience the law in action: You will study practical subjects, and gain valuable experience and dispute management skills.
  • Learn from the best: Learn from world-renowned academics who are experts in their field as well as the talented staff at our research centres from the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC), and the Transnational Law and Policy Centre (TLPC) who teach specialist subjects. 

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A degree from UOW opens doors:

  • Real-world experience: All UOW Law students undertake an internship as part of their studies, so students can apply their legal knowledge to real-life situations. UOW is the only university in NSW to require this experience. 
  • Interactive seminars: These take place in small groups, facilitated by experienced and distinguished academics and legal practitioners.
  • Access to experts: You will benefit from the expertise of our Judge in Residence, the Hon Terry Buddin SC, former Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW. 
  • Travel: There are several study abroad arrangements with other law schools in Europe, North America and Asia where students can add a global perspective and knowledge of a new culture to their law qualification. 

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Standing for purpose:

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Study close to home:

No matter which UOW campus you choose, you become part of one big community of learning. Selected UOW Bachelor of Laws courses are offered at UOW campuses located in:

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5 stars

UOW Law and Paralegal Studies received 5-star ratings for learner engagement and student support.

The Good Universities Guide 2023

Become one of the world's most employable graduates

At UOW, you'll develop real-world practical skills and content, not just theory. The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey ranked employers’ overall satisfaction with UOW graduates at 89.6%, placing UOW 1st among NSW universities.

We encourage you to explore your interest area and will help you carve out your career options. A UOW Law degree can take you anywhere: the destination is up to you. Here is just a sample of careers you can pursue:

  • Barrister
  • Commercial lawyer
  • Criminal defence lawyer
  • Diplomat
  • Environmental lawyer
  • Government lawyer
  • In-House legal adviser
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Legal consultant
  • Magistrate
  • Media lawyer
  • Policy adviser
  • Politician
  • Prosecutor
  • Research officer
  • Solicitor in private practice or a community legal centre

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Meet Brooke

I chose UOW because of the flexibility of the law degree and the range of double degrees. I also liked its emphasis on practical experience, particularly the compulsory internship. Being able to work in my desired field prior to graduating has enabled me to better understand the realities of a law firm and put the skills I’ve learnt at uni into practice. Brooke Bachelor of Law - Bachelor of Arts

Achieve social justice and equality

Cohben is studying a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Wollongong. He wants to use law as a tool to connect with diverse groups within the community and achieve social justice and equality.

Alumni stories

My name is Cohben and I'm studying a Bachelor of Laws. I would love to be a barrister because advocacy has sort of always been my strong point, but it's only early days so I'm not too sure. I want to use law as a tool to connect with diverse groups within the community to achieve social justice and equality.

Study with high-level research facilities

ANCORS ocean banner

Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security

ANCORS is a unique, multidisciplinary centre dedicated to delivering specialised research, advisory services, education and training in ocean law and policy, maritime security, and marine resources management.

LIRC Legal Intersections Research Centre

Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC)

LIRC is known for its leading edge interdisciplinary research in law, social sciences and the humanities and aims to break down the boundaries of traditional disciplines, particularly that of law, in the interests of producing fresh insights and knowledges.\n

Transnational Law and Policy Centre (TLPC)

TLPC creates opportunities for the sustainable and ethical development, implementation and dissemination of transnational law and policy and boldly trackles the challenges presented to the UN SDGs to embrace and drive change.

At UOW, you'll participate in cutting edge creative, critical and policy research and have close access to academic leaders in relevant disciplinary fields.
Faculty Research Unit

A UOW Law degree can take you anywhere

Law at UOW aims to produce outstanding graduates who are informed, independent, effective and responsible problem solvers and communicators. Dean of Law, Professor Trish Mundy, tells us about law at the University of Wollongong.

My name is Professor Trish Mundy and I'm the Dean of Law at UOW Law. UOW Law started in 1990 and a very strong focus of the Law degree is its social justice foundations. The ability to actually not only practice as a lawyer but to do so many other things with your law degree, so really popular doubles like Arts, like Psychology, like Business, really means that you can actually take your legal skills into a whole range of careers.
Law is such a versatile degree in many ways. So, it's not just about going to practice as a lawyer, although many will. But you can use your legal knowledge and skills that you develop in so many ways and in so many careers.
One of the key features of UOW Law is its first-year integrated program. One of the elements of the first-year integrated program is its PODS, and PODS is essentially where students are grouped together and they study with the same group of students across all of their subjects in the first semester of their first year. This has the real benefit of facilitating strong friendships, strong study groups and really a much more personalised connection with not only their classmates but with the teaching staff.
UOW Law is the only law school in Australia that offers a compulsory internship program as part of its degree. This means that every law student will have the opportunity to reflect on the law in action and apply their legal knowledge to real-life situations. UOW Law has been voted number one in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate Law. This means that students can expect a high-quality personalised learning experience. 

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