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Real experience for your career

Hear Jorge Perez, Manager, Business Internships, talk about how our internship support and process assists students to get the right experience and opportunities to apply their learning within real world practice.

Internships is an add-on to what they learn at the University. We learn theory concepts but we don't necessarily get taste off of the workforce. Once they go into an internship, they're able to put that theory into practice.

The idea is that the internship program that we run on is actually supported by a team at the Faculty of Business. We actually source the opportunities. We know our industry partners. We put students through our recruitment process which is very similar to what they'll face when they go into industry and you know university degree is great but you need that experience.

A lot of recruiters will ask for that two to five year experience. How do you get that as a university student when you are studying? Internships give you that. It's the combination of workplace experience and university degree, combining it and then be able to go to a job interview and say: “yes, I've got the experience you require”.

Enrol now in COMM391: Professional Experience in Business to maximise your career opportunities.

This program allows you to:

  • Test drive an industry to narrow your potential career.
  • Gain real-world experience that employers seek.
  • Convert academic theory into industry skills.
  • Prepare you for the job interview process.

Taking part in the business internship program has been one of my greatest experiences at UOW. The opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I have learned to real, meaningful projects while being able to contribute to my host organisation gave me an amazing sense of achievement. It has shown me the direction I want to take my career.

Adam Silvio
Investment Governance Officer at icare NSW

Work and study: Skills for life

For those who are wondering if it’s possible to work and study at uni, UOW student Cassie Green tells you a bit about her journey of graduating with experience.

Read more about Cassie's work and study experience

Internship plus COMM391

What is involved?

COMM391 supports the 16 day internship program where you will be matched with a pre-selected Industry Partner arranged by the Business Internship team. Your host organisation will provide you with tasks where you will gain valuable industry related experience to become ‘work-ready’. The application process will prepare you for job hunting post-graduation, making your resume more competitive and experiencing real interview questions.

You are required to attend compulsory workshops/lectures/tutorials and complete a combination of individual and group assessments during the semester as part of the program.

Who can apply?

Students who are enrolled in:

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Business

Students who have:

  • Completed 72 credit points (including core subjects)
  • WAM of 65
  • Demonstration of good reflective, critical analytical thinking and essay/ report writing skills

If you are completing a Bachelor of Commerce and you wish to enrol in COMM391 you may do so as part of your Marketing or Management majors, (please refer to the relevant calendar). If you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Business, COMM391 can count as one of the subjects required as part of your 48 credit points of Business subjects. In all other instances COMM391 will be regarded as an Elective subject.

How to apply?

There are 3 phases to the application process;

Phase 1:
If you meet the subject pre-requisites, you will be required to submit an application including a cover letter, resume, copy of your enrolment record and apply via our online application form.

Phase 2:
If successful in getting through phase 1, you will be required to complete a video interview reviewed by the Business Internship Team.

Students will be shortlisted for interviews with Industry Partners based on performance in phases 1 & 2.

Phase 3:
Industry Partners select appropriate students based on their application and interview performance.

Students selected for an internship will be enrolled into COMM391.

 Autumn Session 2022

Applications open: Monday, 13 September 2021
Applications close: Friday, 8 October 2021

Attend Information Session

COMM391 Subject Components

a. Students are encouraged to complete the practical component (a minimum of 5 out of 16 days) during the semester break (July or December - January) before the session starts;

b. Complete the performance evaluation with the supervisor by week 8 of the session;

c. Maintain a diary of events with examples and relevant reading of academic journals.

a. 6 compulsory lectures and tutes;

b. 4 individual in-class assessments;

c. 2 journal articles to be read before each class;

d. Group assessment requires students to work on and off campus together;

e. Final assessment requires cross disciplinary research and critical analysis of internship experience

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-internship workshop before commencing the placement (generally conducted last week of November for autumn session and the last week of June for spring session). Students are also strongly advised not to undertake COMM391 as a fifth subject.

Draft subject outline and access to Moodle site will be given to students 1 month before the session commences.

Please contact the course coordinator for clarifications about the academic component and the workload commitments before applying for the internship.

Academic And Business Internship Team

Dr Shamika Almeida - Course Coordinator
02 4221 5688 

Jorge Perez - Manager, Business Internships
02 4221 3376 / 0447 357 832 

Casey McErlain - Business and Law Internships Officer
+61 2 4221 4681



Looking for an international internship opportunity?

International internships are available for Business students as part of COMM391, which can take students to destinations such as Japan, China, Vietnam, India and South Korea.

You can take up these opportunities through our partners CRCC Asia.

$3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants are available for domestic students undertaking COMM391 to complete an internship in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Virtual Internship Grants

Looking to apply for COMM391 in Autumn 2022? Also apply for a New Colombo Plan Grant to experience an industry-leading remote internship program. Decide which career field you work in, where you’d like to work, and your work-life balance.

Virtual Internships

The Faculty of Business and Law has had recent success in achieving fully funded Virtual Internships through the University of Wollongong partner Virtual Internships.

Students will be placed in companies in Vietnam, Singapore, India and China in their chosen industry providing enriching work experience in another culture whilst remaining in Australia.

Students will be funded under the New Colombo Plan scheme, who recently allowed universities the opportunity to vary current projects to include online delivery for mobility projects and internships.

Ho Chi Minh City Internship

Gain international industry experience in an energetic and fast-paced economic center surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and close to the coastline with a dynamic internship in Ho Chi Minh City.

Discover Virtual and International Internships

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