Student exchange and study overseas opportunities

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Reasons to participate

  • Explore

Why wait until you graduate to travel overseas? With UOW Partner Universities across the globe, participating in an international exchange or short-term study abroad program will be your ticket to exploring somewhere new while gaining credit for your degree. 

  • Connect

Studying abroad will allow you to immerse yourself in a different culture, opening your mind to new experiences and perspectives. While you are travelling and studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to build your international network and make lifelong friends overseas.

  • Learn

During your international experience you will have the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional skills. While you are abroad, you will develop your cross-cultural and interpersonal communication skills, and may even acquire practical experience in speaking a new language! International exchange students often gain a sense of independence while they are overseas, and return home with newfound confidence. Studying abroad will allow you to engage in self-reflection and critical thinking, as well as collaborative work with your international peers. These skills are transferable into your academic and professional life.

  • Stand Out

When applying for Graduate positions, Business and Law students who have embarked on a study abroad program stand out among their peers. The skills acquired during a study tour or an international exchange experience extend beyond those learnt inside the classroom, and prepare students to work in a global business environment.

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Student Testimonials

Hear from NCP Scholarship recipient Ahmad Khochaiche on why you should consider an international experience.

Learn more about semester exchange

Someone thinking about going on study abroad, I would just say just go ahead do it. It'll be the time of your life. Even if it's going to extend your degree, just do it because there's so many things you can get out of it. It is just an amazing experience.  

The internship I did was with the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I got to see the forefront of, I guess, an Australian diplomatic mission in another country.

The benefits of doing the internship is definitely the opportunities, you get to learn a new set of skills. Do internships that aren't necessarily in your own field so it gives you a more broad skill set, a more broad sense of experience. And it definitely helps you grow and develop into the future and it could open doors to opportunities that you never thought were there. So, it's definitely something to take advantage of.

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