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The UOW School of Law aims to produce outstanding graduates who are informed, independent, effective and responsible problem solvers and communicators.  We are committed to teaching excellence, engaging students in a practical, intellectually rigorous and satisfying experience.

UOW Law strives to maintain legal research that is formally ranked above world class and is rich in expertise, interdisciplinarity and international perspectives.  We are committed to social justice and providing a legal education which engages with the complexities of law's intersection with society.

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Get a look at the key employability skills you learn with a UOW Law degree and where it can take you in your Law career.

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Why study Law at UOW?

A law career means more than learning 'rules'. An understanding of the Australian legal system will enable you to resolve ethical and complex legal issues, connect with diverse groups of people and promote equality.

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My name is Professor Trish Mundy and I'm the Dean of Law at UOW Law. UOW Law started in 1990 and a very strong focus of the Law degree is its social justice foundations. The ability to actually not only practice as a lawyer but to do so many other things with your law degree so really popular doubles like Arts, like Psychology, like Business, really means that you can actually take your legal skills into a whole range of careers.

Law is such a versatile degree in many ways, so it's not just about going to practice as a lawyer, although many will. But you can use your legal knowledge and skills that you develop in so many ways and in so many careers.

One of the key features of UOW law is its’ first-year integrated program. One of the elements of the first-year integrated program is its’ Pods and Pods is essentially where students are grouped together and they study with the same group of students across all of their subjects in the first semester of their first year. This has the real benefit of facilitating strong friendships, strong study groups and really a much more personalized connection with not only their classmates but with the teaching staff.

UOW Law is the only law school in Australia that offers a compulsory internship program as part of its degree. This means that every law student will have the opportunity to reflect on the law in action and apply their legal knowledge to real life situations.

UOW Law has been voted number one in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate Law. This means that students can expect a high-quality personalised learning experience.


Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)

Expand your career with law. This world-class degree provides a thorough grounding in the law, as well as a real-world focus on the essential practical skills and the social and ethical context in which the law operates.

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I would love to be a barrister because advocacy has always been my strong point, but it's only early days. I want to use law as a tool to connect diverse groups within the community to achieve social justice and equality. Cohben McMahon Bachelor of Laws

Number 1 in Australia

UOW postgraduate Law and Paralegal studies ranked number one in Australia for overall educational experience, skills development and teaching quality and full-time employment.

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Top 100

UOW ranks 80th in the world for Law.

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