Courses & study options

The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities teaches and investigates issues of global significance, especially the human impact on the Earth, the management of valuable landscapes, and the planning of cities and regions.

We offer Australia’s only Bachelor of Geography–where you combine studies in both Science and Social Science, to give you an integrated approach to solving complex problems. Your studies will include climate change, biogeography, coastal and fluvial environments, population and urbanisation, environment and society, and environmental management.

The school has a team of internationally influential researchers who can offer a range of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It offers students the chance to combine wide learning with practical experience using the school’s many regional and overseas networks.

Graduates leave equipped with a portfolio of intellectual and technical abilities making them highly sought after. There are degree offerings in the areas of human geography, environmental management (including land and heritage management) and socio-economic planning, with a focus on urban and regional sustainability. Students with the school have the benefit of its close relationships with physical geographers based in UOW’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Geography at UOW offers multiple opportunities to build new knowledge and understandings of the complex relations between people, society and environments.

Field trip to Mt Kembla
Student - Olivia Smith standing outside
Birdseye view of rock puddles filled with stones and water