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The School of Education aims to develop skilled, high-quality graduates passionate about transforming lives through education.

We do this by immersing students in schools for professional experience in the ‘real world’ and providing opportunities for international teaching experiences.

We are nationally recognised for innovative pre-service teacher education programs and have long-standing international links in teaching, research and professional experience.

We are involved in a variety of exciting and innovative research projects including the examination of tablet technologies in imaginative play for children and the creation of revolutionary online teaching modules.

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Education at UOW - Peter Andersen

When I see my students succeed it just means the world to me. 

I'm Peter, and I teach in the school of education at the University of Wollongong. 

When my students come to me at the University - that underpins everything that I do. So every topic that we teach, that I teach is geared towards helping them, skilling them, so that they can go on and empower their own students 

They leave here as young people about ready to go out and teach in their schools, and for most of them they're making a difference within their classrooms, and it's wonderful when you see them either come back with their students, or you go out into schools and see them. Just seeing them enjoying their careers and feeling empowered by their careers, to me that means everything

- End transcript 

Research with purpose

We specialise in researching learning and teaching across disciplines, with a shared commitment to promoting inclusion, excellence, capacity building and wellbeing

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