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The School of Liberal Arts was founded in 2019. It offers an original and distinctive liberal arts program – one that is historically rich yet forward-looking in focusing firmly on contemporary concerns and questions. In creating opportunities for respectful conversations between Western and non-Western traditions of thought and art, it answers to the needs of a multi-cultural 21st century.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation will expose you to ideas that have been inspiring people since their inception — in Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Modern Era. You will have the unique opportunity to directly engage with a carefully curated selection of some of the most influential works in the Western tradition of thought and art. 

Spanning the centuries, you will encounter the art and ideas bequeathed to us by figures such as Aristotle, Augustine and Austen; Chaucer and Cervantes; Dante and Dostoyevsky; Cicero, Shelley and Shakespeare; de Beauvoir and Du Bois; Erasmus and Emerson; Wollstonecraft and Wittgenstein. You will wrestle with classics such as The Odyssey; The Republic; The Bible; On the Origin of Species; Das Kapital, and the founding works that inspired modern Western democracies.

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I was on the hunt to find a degree that paired nicely with Law. Whilst considering several universities, I was immediately drawn by the distinctive structure of uniquely approaching classic texts in philosophy & literature. I hope to pursue a degree in law, to apply the philosophical methods of thinking. The course is teaching me to better interpret and engage with the complexities of the legal system. The financial help of the Ramsay Centre Scholarship will take the pressure off once I graduate Jason Landro Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation
This study area gives me a way to keep the important thoughts and stories within the West alive, by engaging and critiquing the great works. It’s allowed a sophisticated way to engage with the past in a non-superficial way but a genuine and expansive approach. It makes you question the fundamental aspects of your existence, the nature of truth, role of storytelling, thought, art and architecture. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the tools to build new ideas, I’ll be set up for life. Shanti Pallai Bachelor of Arts in Laws / Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation

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Our flagship Liberal Arts degree includes a bespoke curriculum for high achieving and intellectually curious students that corresponds directly with the changing nature of life in the 21st Century.

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The primary mission of the School of Liberal Arts (SOLA) is to provide its high achieving students – our future thought leaders – with an unprecedented opportunity to participate in Western civilisation’s on-going, great conversation.

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