UOW Gallery and Art Collection

The University of Wollongong’s art museum is comprised of the UOW Gallery and Art Collection. It is responsible for the acquisition, care and display of the university artworks in Australia and is dedicated to delivering a program of engaging art exhibitions and events that are relevant to the university’s communities and audiences.

The university has a longstanding commitment to the visual arts and holds over 5000 individual artworks in its permanent collection. It provides an active program of artwork loans to public national, state and regional galleries and is a member of the University Art Museums of Australia (UAMA) network. The new UOW Gallery was opened in 2020 as a dedicated and professionally run art space. It is committed to delivering engaging art exhibitions with strategic impact for the university.

Upcoming exhibition

Salvatore Zofrea, 'Illawarra Flame Tree and Bowerbird', 2008, Hand coloured woodcut print.
Copyright is retained by the artist or agent and reproduced here by permission.
© Salvatore Zofrea/Copyright Agency, 2018.
No further reproductions permitted.

The Univeristy of Wollongong Art Collection is a proud member of Univeristy Art Museums Australia (UAMA).