UOW Gallery and Art Collection

The UOW Gallery will be closed from Monday 15 July and will re-open Monday 22 July

The University of Wollongong’s art museum comprises the UOW Gallery and the UOW Art Collection. It is responsible for the acquisition, care and display of the university artworks in Australia, dedicated to delivering a program of engaging art exhibitions and events that are relevant to the university’s communities and audiences.


“Woven into the fabric of campus life, art infuses the experience of being at UOW. The Art Collection brings spaces alive and inspires the individuals who inhabit them: the University is truly a place for art”

Professor Amanda Lawson - former art collection director

The gallery serves as a vital resource for research, education, and cultural engagement, offering insights into the evolution of artistic practices and trends within the university community. The gallery's archive not only enriches exhibitions by providing context and depth but also fosters a deeper appreciation for UOW's artistic heritage among visitors and scholars alike.

Artworks are displayed throughout all of our campuses, with more than 180 pieces located within the Library on Wollongong campus, mainly showcasing prominent Australiana artworks, featuring renowned artists such as Bert Flugelman, Guy Warren, and Ian Gentle. Explore the Library to immerse yourself in a breathtaking collection of paintings, prints, and mixed media art.

The He[ART] of UOW

The university's strong commitment to visual arts includes 5000+ artworks in its collection, actively loaned to national, state, and regional galleries. The new UOW Gallery, which opened in 2020, is committed to delivering engaging art exhibitions with a strategic impact on the university. Enriching the Illawarra region's cultural landscape are numerous sculptures, reminding us that art breathes life into our surroundings, sparking creativity and fostering community connection.

Upcoming exhibitionSCULPTURE TOUR

Salvatore Zofrea, 'Illawarra Flame Tree and Bowerbird', 2008, Hand coloured woodcut print.
Copyright is retained by the artist or agent and reproduced here by permission.
© Salvatore Zofrea/Copyright Agency, 2018.
No further reproductions permitted.

The Univeristy of Wollongong Art Collection is a proud member of Univeristy Art Museums Australia (UAMA).