Schools & entities

School of the Arts, English and Media

Our creative practice and creative industries courses allow you to learn, imagine, experiment, design and invent. You will build your professional portfolio and grow your creative and critical skills while refining your craft through a specialisation. There are extensive opportunities to explore traditional and new technologies, collaborate across disciplines and contribute to real world projects. You will be taught by academics that are professional writers, researchers, journalists, artists, designers, performers and directors, and be immersed in the world of contemporary creative media and practice here and internationally.

School of Education

The School of Education aims to develop skilled, high quality graduates passionate about transforming lives through education. This is done by immersing students in schools for professional experience in the ‘real world’ and providing opportunities for international teaching experiences. The school is nationally recognised for innovative pre-service teacher education programs and have long-standing international links in teaching, research and professional experience.

School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

Geographers describe and explain the variable but interconnected character of the earth’s surface. Human Geography examines the ways people transform the physical environment and use it in various ways for diverse purposes. They also often seek to forecast and plan ahead to anticipate problems and provide solutions to pressing environmental and social issues like mass migration, urban sprawl and the conversion of biodiverse forest into farmlands. 

School of Health and Society

The School of Health and Society is a dynamic, inter-disciplinary community of social science scholars of national and international standing who passionately strive to create a positive impact in our communities. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for research and study in criminology, public health, social policy, social work and work health and safety. Students learn to analyse and solve real world social and health problems through engaging with leading researchers, communities, practitioners on campus, on-line and in workplaces. School staff work with policy-makers, practitioners, key stakeholders and the public to co-produce, collaborate and communicate evidence that has a positive and tangible impact for our society.

School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

Every ‘real world’ problem today has a cultural and social dimension that can be understood by studying the Arts and Humanities. You will learn and practice skills in interpretation and critical analysis (nothing is ever just black and white) and engage with complex ideas, new ways of thinking and global perspectives. Our graduates go on to make positive change in the world, equipped with the skills and vision highly valued by a wide range of employers.

School of Liberal Arts

Formed in 2019, the School of Liberal Arts at the University of Wollongong (UOW) is an exciting addition to UOW’s academic offering. Working with leading academics from across the world, this school will offer a range of in-depth subjects across the Bachelor of Western Civilisation curriculum.

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers excellent facilities and staff which provide quality education and research opportunities. The school has extensive computer facilities as well as teaching and research laboratories, all supported by a team of professional technical staff. The undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in psychological science and can be combined with studies in a range of other disciplines.

Early Start

Early Start is transforming lives through education to reduce current gaps in inequality. By ‘investing’ in the earliest years of life, Early Start is working to create a landscape for learning and social change that is markedly different to the image traditionally associated with higher education. With state-of-the-art teaching, research and community engagement facilities, utilising enhanced technologies, the Early Start building acts as a hub connecting to a network of partner centres in regional, rural and remote communities across NSW.

UOW Art Collection

The University of Wollongong Art Collection comprises over 5000 individual works. It is predominantly a collection of Australian artworks created from the 1960s onward and includes paintings, prints, ceramics and textiles along with a number of outdoor sculptures located throughout the University grounds. Particular strengths of the Collection include contemporary indigenous art, works on paper and artists and works connected to the Illawarra.