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In the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry (HSI), our students engage with cutting-edge ideas, new ways of thinking and global perspectives. We train students to think historically, philosophically and politically about the world, societies and cultures.

Nothing is ever just black and white, and our academics will equip you with the critical, analytical and interpretation skills necessary to question existing beliefs, social systems and institutions, and make a real impact on the world around you as leaders of tomorrow.

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Can peace and democracy co-exist?

Former UN peacekeeper Dr Izabela Pereira Watts shares her academic expertise and firsthand experiences from the field. She has published a new book titled Peace or Democracy?: Peacebuilding Dilemmas to Transition from Civil Wars, which shines a light on the complexities and contradictions of peace and democracy in modern times.

Izabela Pereira Watts sitting on a bench holds a copy of her new book. Photo: Michael Gray

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