Professional learning

Professional learning

Early Start provides professional learning opportunities designed for educators, teachers, Directors, families and Board members. We want to offer you a chance to upskill and stay engaged in your important work with children and families. Anyone involved in the ECEC community is welcome!    

Our fee-based courses and workshops and free researcher speaker series vary from 1 to 2 hours in duration and are delivered online (via Zoom) to enable individual or team participation.    

All you need is a reliable internet connection and computer to get started! 

Seminars and workshops

Free Research Seminar Series

Join experts from Early Start and beyond to gain key learnings in Research Methodology and Early Childhood Research. 

Events in 2023 are TBA. Please keep checking this site for updates.

Early Start Denver Model

A play-based approach to helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a play-based intervention, specifically designed for Autistic children. Focusing on routine and play, it integrates both behavioural and developmental principles to empower Autistic children to become active participants in the world around them.

Discover our expert-led online workshops for parents, educators, teachers and other professionals working with, or parenting children with Autism.

ESDM Educator Workshop: One for the Team

Our quality assured online sessions are suitable for all educators and have NESA Accreditation of 12 hours for NSW teachers. 

For course information and dates, visit the Early Start Autism Clinic: ESDM for professionals 

ESDM Parent and Carer Workshops: ‘ESDM for the Home’. 

These courses have been life-changing for families and children. Families can use NDIS funding to cover the full cost of the workshop ($858).

For course information and dates, visit the Early Start Autism Clinic: ESDM for parents and carers