Understanding your offer

Understanding Your Offer

This page will help you understand the important information on your Offer of Admission. You should check the details on your offer letter carefully. If you have any questions or concerns about your offer, you should contact UOW Future Students.

Student Number

Your 7-digit Student Number is shown at the top of your offer letter. Please quote this number in all correspondence.

Course Details

  • Course: the name of the qualification you will be awarded providing you enrol in and successfully complete the course requirements, which can be viewed in the undergraduate or postgraduate Course Handbook. You can also access details of assessment of individual subjects within your course through the Handbook. If you have a package offer, each separate course component will be shown as a different part of your offer letter. The course name appears in the top row of each boxed section on the offer. If you have received more than one offer for the same course, the most recent offer will supersede any previous offers made by or on behalf of UOW. The University reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of any offer.
  • Major: indicated if you have been admitted to a specific major within your course.
  • Campus: you will be studying at the campus location indicated.
  • Credit Points: this applies to University course offers only. It shows the total credit points required to complete the course. Degrees at UOW are based on a credit point structure. Individual subjects are allocated a credit point value: the majority of subjects have a value of 6 or 8 credit points (cp) each. As a guide, the workload to pass a 6cp subject is an average of 12 hours per week, including attending class and studying in your own time.
  • Mode of Delivery: this will be ‘on campus’ for most students, meaning you must study full-time at your campus location. UOW offers only a small number of courses by distance education or flexible delivery mode.
  • Duration: length to complete the course, subject to you following the recommended structure and meeting all progression requirements.
  • CRICOS Code: the course registration number on the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  • Dates: these indicate the date for compulsory orientation and enrolment, the Course Start Date (first day of lectures) and Course End Date for your course. You should arrive by at least the weekend prior to the start of orientation to complete the compulsory enrolment and orientation activities. Students who arrive after orientation will not be guaranteed places in the subjects of their choice. Furthermore, accommodation places may not be held. No enrolment will be permitted 2 weeks after the commencement of session for most courses, or after the first week for English courses or Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong courses. Visit Session Dates for further details.
  • Conditions of Admission: Your letter may contain conditions – such as meeting UOW’s English language requirements, completing your current course or providing further documents - which must be cleared before accepting your offer.


Information about fees is shown in the right-hand column of each boxed section of the Offer of Admission and Acceptance Agreement

  • Indicative total course tuition fee: an estimate of the tuition fee for the normal duration of the course, based on the fees at the date of offer.
  • Deposit required, comprising: the tuition fee for your first session of study in an academic program based on the normal course load for one session of study*; Overseas Student Health Cover for the estimated length of your student visa; and the Student Services and Amenities Fee first half-yearly charge.

*For English language courses, the deposit will include the full course tuition fee if the duration is 24 weeks or less, or 50% of the total course fee for durations of more than 24 weeks.

Payment for subsequent sessional, trimester or annual subject fees must be paid by the audit dates quoted in the UOW Key Dates or UOW College Dates for academic programs; students in English language courses of more than 24 weeks will have the balance of their fees due two weeks before the start of their second study period at UOW College.

All fees are reviewed annually and subject to increase during the period of study. All students are bound by the terms and conditions of the UOW Tuition Fee and Refunds Policy or the UOW College Fees and Refunds Policy as relevant to their course enrolment.

For further information on the above fees visit UOW Fees or UOW College Fees.

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