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Agent partners & representatives

UOW’s agent partners play an integral role in assisting international students to realise their aspirations of studying at the University of Wollongong. Here, agents will find resources to assist in counselling future UOW students.

Promotional resources

It is important for you to have access to UOW marketing resources that are up to date and market specific. Below are current resources for you to access and download.

Connect with UOW’s regional recruitment experts

Liz Clark

Senior Manager, International Student Recruitment

+61 2 4221 4268 | eclark@uow.edu.au

Halil Evecan

Regional Manager (Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas)

+61 2 4221 4848 | hal@uow.edu.au

Craig Paul

Regional Manager - South Asia

+61 2 4298 1333 | craigp@uow.edu.au 

Prateek Arora 

Regional Manager - South Asia

+61 2 4221 5380  | prateek@uow.edu.au 

Ling Gao

Regional Manager - China and Singapore

+ 61 2 4221 5750 | lingg@uow.edu.au

Bo Zheng

Regional Manager - China

+61 2 4221 5405 | boz@uow.edu.au

Contact UOW International Recruitment Team

For information on commissions, agreement schedules or to request the use of the UOW logo please contact us.