Transfer to UOW Australia

If you’re studying with UOW Dubai, UOW Malaysia, or UOW College Hong Kong, you are eligible to transfer to a UOW campus in Australia. As a student of our global network of campuses, you’re eligible for an offshore transfer discount that will reduce your tuition fees by 30%, so you can focus on your studies, and not on your finances.

Credit transfer

When you transfer to a UOW campus in Australia, the study you’ve successfully completed at your UOW campus in Dubai, Malaysia or Hong Kong will be recognised and count towards completion of your degree in Australia

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Scholarships and discounts

Offshore transfer discount
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Moving to Australia

Wollongong is a beautiful and welcoming city located on the coast of New South Wales in Australia. Just 90 minutes from the center of Sydney, Wollongong is home to an inclusive community of students; people just like you, from all around the globe. 

UOW Campuses

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We'll support you

We know that moving to another country can be a little daunting at first, so we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Ready to apply?

We're ready to welcome you to a UOW campus in Australia. If you'd like to transfer your studies, contact the student administration team at your campus.