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At UOW, we want to make your online enrolment as easy as possible.

Below you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about enrolment. If you cannot find the information you need, please complete the enrolment help form, and the AskUOW team will contact you to assist.

If you have enrolled in your course and have questions about what to do next, search for answers using AskUOW. Simply use your UOW username and password to login.

What do I do if I don’t have an offer?

Please contact the Future Students team for assistance. 

I’ve been given an offer through the Early Admission Program (EAP) but I want to accept my University Admission Centre (UAC) main round offer?

All eligible offers (EAP and UAC) will be reflected in the online enrolment system. Select your preferred offer and follow the steps to enrol.  If you do not know the census date, please refer to the key dates page, or check via your SOLS account under the Enrolment and Variations menu.

What if I receive another offer to a different course after I have already enrolled?

If you receive another offer that you would prefer to accept, you will need to withdraw from all subjects for the course you initially enrolled in (via your SOLS account) prior to the session census date (failure to do so will result in liability for fees associated with this course).  Following this, you will need to commence the enrolment process for your preferred course.

How do I know which subjects to enrol in? How many should I enrol in? 

You can find a list of the subjects for your course in the Course Handbook, under the 'Course Structure' heading. This information will outline the core subjects, whether you need to choose a major/minor and whether you have any electives throughout the duration of your degree.

Find more information on this topic in AskUOW. Login using your student username (i.e. the name that appears before @uowmail.edu.au) and your UOW password.

Where can I find the General Schedule? 

Elective subjects can be chosen from the General Schedule (the results can be narrowed down by adding additional filters from the side, eg. Session, Study Area, Subject Level).

Find more information on this topic in AskUOW. Login using your student username (i.e. the name that appears before @uowmail.edu.au) and your UOW password.

How can I complete enrolment without providing a USI and/or TFN? When do I need to provide it by and where will I provide it? 

If you are a domestic student or an international student studying in Australia, you will need to provide UOW with your USI to obtain your degree.

If you are seeking Commonwealth support for the first time (CSP ,HECS-HELPFEE-HELP or OS-HELP), you will need to record your USI on your electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (known as an eCAF) when you enrol. 

Australian students studying overseas with an Australian education or training provider need to get a USI.

International students who are studying outside Australia with an Australian education or training provider do not need a USI. This also applies to New Zealand citizens.

What is HECS/how does it work? 

HECS-HELP allows you to defer payment of your tuition fees (your student contribution amountthrough a loan from the Australian Government. You start repaying this loan when your income reaches a minimum threshold which is set by the government.

Find more information on this topic in AskUOW. Login using your student username (i.e. the name that appears before @uowmail.edu.au) and your UOW password.

How do I get past the HELP Loan section if I want to pay upfront? 

If you plan to pay your fees upfront you will need to click the ‘apply’ button in the Billing type section as all students are required to understand what a HECS-HELP loan means and entails. The final part of this section will allow you to choose upfront as your preferred billing type. 

What is SA HELP? 

SA‐HELP is a loan scheme where eligible students can defer the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) fee through the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

Find more information on this topic in AskUOW. Login using your student username (i.e. the name that appears before @uowmail.edu.au) and your UOW password.

Should I still enrol if I want to defer? 

If you are sure you want to defer then you do not need to enrol in your course. Instead, you should defer your offer to your preferred intake. Offers can be deferred for up to 12 months. You can defer your offer by submitting the deferral request form

If you have already enrolled in your course and wish to defer, it is important that you withdraw from all subjects via SOLS before the census date, as well as submitting a deferral request. 

Do I have to enrol in all of my subjects now? 

Students commencing in Autumn 
You do not need to enrol in all your subjects for the year now. If you are unsure which subjects or major you should choose, it is best to enrol in subjects for just your first session and speak with the AskUOW team prior to the commencement of your second (Spring) session to get advice on subject enrolment. 

Students commencing in Spring 
Students commencing in the Spring semester will only be able to enrol in Spring semester subjects only. 

How do I set up my timetable?

You will be able to complete your timetable and enrol in all your classes when tutorial enrolments open. Tutorials enrolments typically open 2-3 weeks prior to the session commencing. Detailed advice on planning your timetable and enrolling in tutorials can be found on the tutorial enrolment website
Remember, you will first need to complete the enrolment form and access SOLS to access tutorial enrolment. 

Visa & citizenship is unconfirmed, how do I fix this? 

If you are an international student who has received your student visa and are now onshore in Australia completing your enrolment, you may find that the enrolment portal states that your visa status is unconfirmed. This will not stop you from completing the enrolment process, it may simply indicate that your visa details have not yet been updated in our enrolment system.  

I am an international student who has not yet arrived in Australia, how do I answer the survey question “What year did you arrive in Australia?”

If you have not yet arrived in Australia and are enrolling online, enter the year that you plan to travel to Australia and commence your course.  

I’m receiving an error message. What do they mean? 

Error Message – “Not a Valid Offer” 

Means that there is still a condition on the offer that needs to be cleared by the Admissions team. 

Error Message – ”Student Type in Admissions Does Not Match”  
Student has declared they are a domestic student (eg. Permanent Resident) but has not provided evidence) Can also mean that the tick box next to the citizenship box in Admissions has not been ticked yet.  

Error Message – “Not Paid” 
International student does not have a CoE attached to that offer on Admissions system. They either have not paid, not accepted their offer, or they have paid and this has not been updated in the system. 

Error Message – “You Will Need to Register in Person with Administration Staff” 
International Student has not presented yet in person, or completed the Arrival Registration Form to be presented by the Compliance team.  

Error Message – “Student has not Logged into Enrolment System” 
Student has not started enrolment process. Needs to log into the portal via the Get Started page. 

Error Message – “Already Enrolled into Course” 
Students already enrolled into course through online enrolment. Student should now access their enrolment through SOLS. 

What is major maintenance? How can I choose/change my major? 

Declaring a majorminor or specialisation refers to the formal process of selecting your major or minor. You are encouraged to declare your major/s by the end of your first year of study.

Find more information on this topic in AskUOW. Login using your student username (i.e. the name that appears before @uowmail.edu.au) and your UOW password.

Can I enrol part-time for my short course or reduce my study load?

Yes. If you wish to enrol part-time or reduce your study load contact askuow@uow.edu.au for further advice.

I am having problems accessing the system?

There are various reasons why you may not be able to start your enrolment.  Please see below for common messages you may receive together with steps to take to enable you to start your enrolment:

  • Message: ‘Student type on admissions does not match’ - you need to confirm your citizenship to have your conditions cleared to allow you to enrol.  Please email a certified copy of your passport and/or birth certificate to askuow@uow.edu.au
  • Message: ‘Not a valid offer / conditional offer’ - if you have studied at another University, UOW will require a certified copy of your Academic transcript.  Please send a scanned copy of this document to the Future Students team for verification.

I don’t know my student number, where do I find it?

If you applied to UOW directly, your student number will be referenced on your offer letter/emails from UOW. If you applied via the UAC, your student number is sent via email (within a week or so after receiving your offer) to your preferred email account.  

Note: even if you receive multiple offers from UOW, your student number will stay the same.  If you are still unsure, contact Future Students via email or on 1300 367 869.

How do I log into the system?

We recommend you view the ‘How to enrol at UOW’ video before commencing your enrolment.   

Please make sure you know your student number before commencing your enrolment. Your student number is referenced on your offer letter/email.  Log in here using your UOW student number and date of birth to activate your student account. 

How do I create my username and password log in?

Once you have activated your account, one of the first steps is to create your UOW login and password.  Please record your username and password as you will need this information to log in to your SOLS account after completing your enrolment. SOLS is a vital online tool that you will use to self-manage your studies at UOW.

When should I enrol?

Please start the enrolment process as soon as possible after receiving your offer to study at UOW. You may also wish to familiarise yourself with key dates relating to enrolment and orientation schedules.  

Can I use my smart phone to enrol?

Yes, our enrolment system is mobile-friendly. However, the system is optimised for tablets, laptops and desktops so your experience will be more user-friendly if you use a device with a larger screen.

Why do some enrolment screens display a tick (√)?

Each time you complete a section of the enrolment process, the system will display a 'tick' on the navigation panel (top of screen). This indicates you have successfully completed this step. If you have not completed the step and further action is required, the system will display a warning sign '!', with the exception of the photo upload screen.

You will need to ensure each screen has a tick or the system will not allow you to continue.   

What if I don’t complete all sections of the enrolment process?

You are not enrolled until all sections have been successfully completed. The summary page is the final screen of the enrolment process.

I have completed my enrolment in the system but I want to log back in?

You will not be able to log back into the enrolment system after you receive your enrolment summary via email. However, you can change any of the information (including subjects and billing type) through your SOLS account (with your UOW username and password created when you first logged in). 

Please note: SOLS activation occurs  approximately one hour after completing the enrolment process.

Why do I need to enter recovery information?

Recovery information enables you to reset your password (or other personal information) during the enrolment process. Make sure you enter an email address that you check on a regular basis.

Note: Your recovery email address should NOT be an agent or high school email address. An appropriate example is a @hotmail or @gmail email account

What do I do if my personal details in the system are incorrect? 

If your details are incorrect, please contact the AskUOW team for help with updating your information prior to proceeding with your enrolment. 

I can’t see my visa details?

Our enrolment system will not always display visa information. This information is recorded separately. 

Do I have to provide an emergency contact? Who should they be?

It is essential you provide UOW with someone to contact in the unlikely case of an emergency. Your emergency contact can be anyone you trust to respond to a personal situation like a family member or close friend.

What is the difference between the ‘Current Session Address’ and ‘Permanent Home Address’?

When enrolling, you will be required to provide UOW with two addresses:

  1. An address for where you will be living during each academic session (current session address); and 
  2. An address for where we can contact you out of session, an example may be your home address.  

The two addresses may be the same. If your details change during your studies, please update via your SOLS account.

What is the survey and why do I have to do it?

The enrolment survey is an Australian Government mandated questionnaire that informs institutional decision-making and reporting practices.  It is important that you answer questions honestly, as your responses will contribute to planning for support services at UOW.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question in the survey?

If you do not know the answer, leave the question blank and move on to the next question.

Why is my photo required and how will it be used?

Your photo will be used for your Student ID to confirm your identity.  Your Student ID is unique to you and you will have to supply this number regularly during your studies at UOW.

Do I have to upload a photo now?

Uploading a photo will save you time during the enrolment process. However, if you are unable to upload a photo simply skip this step. You can have your photo taken during your Orientation, or anytime by the AskUOW team in Building 17 (Wollongong campus). For all other UOW campuses, visit your campus staff for assistance.

Are there requirements for the photo?

You can find a full list of requirements here.

I don’t like my photo, can I change it?

You can change your photo at any time before you finalise your enrolment on the system.  However, once you have received your email summary, your photo will be finalised in the system. If you wish to replace it after your enrolment is finalised, you will incur a cost of $20.00.

My photo won’t upload, what do I do?

Double-check the file format and ensure the image is in JPEG or PNG format before attempting to upload the photo again.

What is a USI and do I need to provide one when I enrol?

A USI is a unique number issued to each student by the Government. Once you create a USI, you have it for life. You will need a USI in order to receive commonwealth financial assistance, as well as to obtain your qualification.

For detailed information on how to apply for a USI and whether you need one when you enrol, visit our USI page.

What information do I need to know about my tuition fees?

Please refer to the Domestic student fee help or International student fee help videos for help understanding tuition fee requirements.

When are tuition fees due?

Tuition fees are always due on the relevant session census date. Census date is the last date to:

  • Pay fees
  • Withdraw from subjects (without incurring a fee); and
  • Change HECS / HELP billing options (if eligible).

What are HECS-Help and SA Help?

Please refer to the HELP loans and billing options webpage for an overview of each type.

Can I defer my fees?

If you are eligible and wish to defer your fees to a HELP Loan, you will need to:

  • Confirm your billing type by selecting ‘Apply’ under the ‘HELP Loan Option’ tab in system
  • Provide your Tax File Number (TFN); and
  • Confirm your billing option for your course.

Can I change my payment option (eligible students only)?

You can change your payment option (billing) in your SOLS account as long as it is before the relevant session’s census dates.  To do this, simply:

  1. Log in to your SOLS account
  2. Select the ‘Fees’ menu (referred to as Help-Loan Option)
  3. Click the 'Maintain' button (for your default billing type); and
  4. Follow the prompts.

What if I don’t have a Tax File Number (TFN) – can I still enrol?

Yes, you can enrol in your course without a TFN. A TFN is only required if you are an eligible student using the HECS-HELP billing option.  

  1. Select 'upfront' as your default billing option; and
  2. When you receive your TFN, change your billing option to HECS-HELP (through your SOLS accountbefore the sessions 

I’m paying upfront; do I have to read and understand all payment options?

Yes. You need to read and acknowledge all information on the SOLS ‘Help Loan Option’ tab and select the ‘full upfront payment’ as your billing option.

I am not sure how to select subjects for my course? 

Please refer to the first year guides for assistance with subject selection. These guides’ only list first year subjects. For information on further years of your course, please refer to the Course Handbook.

Note:  For 100, 200, 300 and 400 level subjects, please refer to first, second, third and fourth year subjects respectively.  Normally in your first year at University, you will only need to enrol in 100-level subjects, for e.g., ACCY111.

Should you require additional assistance, please contact askuow@uow.edu.au

Why do I have default subjects?

Some courses have core subjects that must be completed. The enrolment system will pre-populate these subjects if these apply to your course. All you have to do is click the ‘Add’ button.

How many subjects am I supposed to enrol in?

Domestic undergraduate students may enrol in a minimum of one, and maximum of four subjects. To complete an undergraduate course within the duration specified in the Course Handbook, students should be enrolling in four (4) subjects per session.

Note:  If you are enrolled in less than three (3) subjects* you will be considered a part-time student. This can affect Government benefits. All international students are required to enrol in full-time studies, i.e. four (4) subjects, as per student visa requirements. 

When I try to enrol I receive the message ‘Course constraint’. What do I do?

This means you are trying to add a subject that does not relate to your degree or is only available at another campus. In these instances, you will need approval by completing the Subject Management Form. Please check you are entering the correct subject code. Remember to check the first year guides (if you are a new student), or the Course Handbook for returning students. 

I’m having problems entering my subject codes, what do I do?

You will need to ensure the subject code you are trying to enter is correct, for example, some subject codes are seven (7) digits with no space between the letters and numbers, e.g., ACCY111. However, some subjects are six (6) digits with a space between the letters and number, e.g., LAW 111. If you are entering the number correctly and you are still experiencing issues, this could mean:   

  1. The last date to add a subject has passed (refer to key dates)
  2. The subject quota is 'Full'
  3. There is a Course Constraint (see above); or
  4. You have enrolled in the maximum number of subjects permitted for the current session.

If you are still having issues, please contact the AskUOW team for assistance.

I have credit for prior (CPL) learning – what subjects can I enrol in?

If you have been awarded credit for prior learning, and are unsure what subjects to enrol into, contact askuow@uow.edu.au

I only enrolled in one subject, where can I add the rest?

If you completed the online enrolment process with only one subject, you CAN update your enrolment through your SOLS account.  To do this:

  1. Log in to SOLS; and
  2. Select 'Enrolments / Variations' (from the left hand menu).

I am enrolling for the upcoming session. Do I have to enrol in future sessions at the same time?

You are only required to enrol for the current session. For future sessions, there is always plenty of time to enrol before session commencement.

How do I select a minor/major?

While your degree will reflect a specific qualification, for e.g. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, some courses require students to complete a major or minor that focuses on a distinct area of study.  In some courses, students may be eligible to select to complete a second major or minor.

For more information, please visit the Majors and Minors webpage.

Enrolment in equivalent subject - Action required

If you have received Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) for a subject/s and enrol in the same subject/s again, it is considered an equivalent subject/s and will be marked as an E* on your enrolment record.

We would advise seeking academic advice from the Faculty and/or withdrawing from the subject/s. Please be advised that you will be liable for fees for the subject/s if you withdraw after Census date.

How will I know that I have completed my enrolment? 

When you reach the final enrolment summary tab you will be prompted to email the enrolment summary to the email address you nominated as your recovery email. Receipt of this email signals your online enrolment is complete.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

UOW uses MFA or Two-Factor Authentication for several UOW systems and applications. After you’ve enrolled, you’ll need to set up MFA before you can use many of UOW’s systems and applications.

Information on how to set up MFA on your laptop, tablet or phone is available on the UOW User Account webpage.

Timetable and tutorials 

The next step is for you to enrol in your classes and create your timetable. Please note tutorial enrolments open at various times. Please refer to the following resources for dates and tutorial information.

Orientation is essential to starting at UOW, it is a chance for you to discover everything UOW has to offer, make new friends, and immerse yourself as a student at UOW.  The date and time of your Orientation Day will depend on your course and campus.

Visit the Orientation website.

Preparing for your first class

Visit our How Uni Works website for useful information, tips and videos to you prepare for your first session at UOW.

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