Financial support for students

The are a number of State, Federal and local Government and non-government opportunities to support through your study. This may be finical, support with resources or mentors. It is advised to get some support to explore the opportunities that may suit you. For support contact your local Aboriginal Community Service, Early Childhood Education provider (eg preschool), school careers advisor or job provider.

Financial support

The Australian Government has financial support through a number of programs, including ABSTUDY.   

ABSTUDY is an Australian government program that gives financial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and apprentices who are less than 24 years old though fortnightly payments. The basic under-22 allowance for ABSTUDY allowance is $445.80 per fortnight, and over-22 is $545.80 per fortnight.

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Eligible Aboriginal students are entitled to fee-free government subsidised training in priority skill areas with approved training providers.

Eligible Aboriginal students do not pay a fee for any Smart and Skilled qualification they undertake, regardless of the number of qualifications in which they enrol, or the level of the qualification.

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The Indigenous Admission Program (IAP) provides an alternative pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who are 17 years and older, to apply for admission into UOW's undergraduate programs.

We offer details on fees, government aid, scholarships, financial advice, and money management tips, along with how to get financial help at UOW and beyond.