Professional learning

A career in early childhood education and care is an opportunity to enable all children to reach their potential, an opportunity for educators to support children and families from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Quality professional learning and development will help staff:

  • with their well-being and mental health 
  • support their colleagues
  • support children to the best of their ability
  • support families

Early Start supports professionals who work with children from birth to year 12, and we have ongoing formal partnership arrangements with leading providers of early childhood education and care, early intervention, schools, clinical programs, and government departments.  There are a number of professional learning options, including free workshops and the Early Start Autism Clinic, a play-based intervention, specifically designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

These quality assured online sessions are suitable for all educators and consist of  NESA Accredited Professional Development and NESA Elective Professional Development (for early childhood teachers in NSW).