Financial assistance for regional, rural & remote students

You've come to Wollongong to study and embrace a new lifestyle, and we're guessing it's a bit of a change from the rural, regional and remote communities you have come from! Chances are accommodation, food and drink, study equipment and books, and general living is a bit more expensive than you're used to. Maybe it's even the first time living away from home and managing your own money. We've got you covered with some tips on how to manage your money as a student, resources for budgeting and planning your spending, as well as support services to back you up throughout your UOW journey. Check out what's available.

We could assume that seeing you're already at UOW, you are across your billing options of HECS/HELP loans for tuition and associated costs (including SSAF, accommodation and administrative fees), however just in case you're not, make sure to check out your options:

Just remember that depending on the category of student you are (undergraduate, postgraduate, etc.), there are different options and costs you need to consider. It is always best to know what you're in for. 

Rural and Remote Enterprise Scholarships

These are scholarships that support students with the costs of studying at university or a vocational education and training institution.

  • Valued at up to $18,000 each
  • Available to support students studying for:
    • Six months full-time OR
    • Up to 8 years part-time
    • On campus, or through online and distance education.
  • Find out the details and apply

Jobs on and off campus (UOW Careers & Employability)

There are many ways to seek out casual work within UOW and outside of it - you just need to get in with the Careers & Employability (formerly Careers Central) team who can prepare you for the workplace and increase your awareness of current job vacancies. 

They can also help you really focus on what happens after uni - your future career. Chat with the experts about where you want to go.

  • UOW Jobboard - the perfect place to start your search with listings for casual work, internships and vacation work, graduate programs and more. 
  • Jobs On Campus - make yourself stand out to employers (who have current vacancies) by becoming a member of the JOC talent pool
  • Book a Career Chat - if you're not sure what job suits you best now or in the future, or simply want to chat about how best to develop your resume and personal brand, why not chat to our experts at Careers & Employability? You can make an appointment and chat online or over the phone. 

Financial counselling

Is your budget not working out like you planned? Struggling to save and not sure how to go about it? That’s okay! There are a range of free and confidential financial counselling services to help you get back on track. There are quite a few because...student life is tough at times and even though you might not realise it, a lot of students go through what you're going through. So reach out and get some support. 


Legal support

Maybe your financial stress is related to issues you're having with accommodation costs, employment rights, a car accident or legal charges you are facing? If so, UOW has a legal clinic that provides free, confidential legal advice to current students at UOW. If you need support or advice, get in touch and talk it through with them.

Costs of study and living

Textbooks, subscriptions, technology and equipment - you'll receive details about what you need in each of your subjects and as part of your degree when you start and as you progress through university. These costs can add up so make sure to use the resources below to educate yourself and assess what you'll need. 



Consider cost-saving options such as finding your textbooks second hand at the UOW Alumni Bookshop or on the unofficial Facebook page UOW Students Buy and Sell.


Managing money as a student can be tough, we get it! Living the university life can come with a range of expenses from books, concert tickets, coffee, accommodation, tech, socialising and more. Learning techniques to save your hard-earned cash is essential for a uni student on a budget. Here are some resources to get you in the right mindset: