Deadlier with a degree

Deadly nanga mai (dream) 

True Stories, 

Many Voices,  

The words and experience of gamarada (friends and comrades), babana (brother) and djurumin (sisters) who chosen to study and work in early years education. 

Deadlier with a Degree is a tribute to persistence and resilience. It brings together a wide range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait early childhood teachers from across Australia to share their stories of hope and survival in pursuing dreams of a university degree. Others also studied with these story-tellers and are part of the journey; we acknowledge their untold stories as well. 

Deadlier with a Degree. Written by Alma Fleet.

Using the everyday voices of story-telling, Deadlier with a Degree intervenes in issues of access, equity, participation and outcomes of indigenous education in both higher education and in early childhood teaching.

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Indigenous Elder runs his hand through tall grass while walking through it