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You know that well-designed spaces function better. You also know that the mark you leave on the world will be beautifully designed. At UOW we can show you how to apply your creativity to design processes, products, and spaces that are refined, functional and help improve the lives of others. Review your options in communications, design, or architecture and engineering below.

How will you design functional spaces?

UOW Engineering Illawarra Flame team work on a sustainable building Engineering
Communications & Media
Creative & Performing Arts

Meet Jess

I never knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up but I’ve always wanted to be able to help other people and I’ve always been interested in those maths and science areas, and problem solving and approaches, engineering satisfies those things. It brings a lot of people together... and we have that engineering approach to solve a problem. Through that, we can help people whether it be on a small local scale in fixing water systems or on a real global scale with international space projects. Jess Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Materials Engineering

Stories to inspire you

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Meet Vivian

My passion for graphic design combined with the ever-growing digital work in today's society gravitated me towards majoring in Visual Communication Design within the Bachelor of Communication & Media. Through my visual works, I hope to influence and challenge the world by producing impactful design. Vivian Tang Bachelor of Communication & Media (Visual Communication Design)

See where your degree could take you

At UOW, you'll develop real-world practical skills and content, not just theory. The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey ranked employers’ overall satisfaction with UOW graduates at 89.6%, placing UOW 1st among NSW universities.

We know that work is changing. In times of change and disruption, employers across a wide range of industries look for skilled and experienced communicators who know how to work across platforms, and who understand the media landscape. Here is just a sample of careers you can pursue:

  • Architectural engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Construction manager
  • Environmental engineer
  • Materials engineer
  • Advertising
  • Communication specialist
  • Corporate
  • Communications
  • Editor
  • Event coordinator
  • Global communications
  • Government
  • Digital game designer
  • Digital media manager
  • Editor



  • Market reseach
  • Media management adviser
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Journalist – print/television/radio/photo/online
  • Public relations
  • Publicity officer
  • Reporter
  • Researcher
  • Social media manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Photographer
  • Web designer



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