Find what motivates you

your why

As the world faces more complex challenges, we are increasingly defined by our purpose and contribution. But not all of us grow up knowing what that contribution will be. You know what interests you, but how do you turn that into a career? At UOW we’re here to help you find your passion and equip you with the skills to launch your career in a field that inspires you. Choose what motivates you from the options below, and click through to find the study areas and courses that will help you find your why.

Influence people and processes

Create wealth & better business Create wealth & better business
Manage people & optimise processes Manage people & optimise processes
Influence social & legal systems motivator Influence social & legal systems
Teach & shape minds Teach & shape minds

Explore the world around you

Explore & protect the environment Explore & protect the environment
Enrich & inform culture
Understand international cultures Understand international cultures

Focus on science & technology

Advance scientific knowledge Advance scientific knowledge
Design our built environment Design our built environment
Engineer a better future Engineer a better future
Program our digital future Program our digital future

Champion health and wellbeing

Investigate human behaviour Investigate & change human behaviour
Help people achieve better health Help people achieve better health
Advance medical science Advance medical science