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The University of Wollongong’s South Western Sydney (SWS) campus at Liverpool is where the region’s best and brightest can earn an internationally recognised degree — without having to travel. This campus is the first major university campus in Liverpool and builds on an already thriving relationship between UOW and the Great South West.

Degrees on offer at SWS

UOW Law degrees open a range of career opportunities in legal work and other industries. In addition to studying Law, you can choose a double degree in Business, International Studies and IT, giving you practical skills that will help you excel in the highly competitive global workplace.

Single degrees

Double degrees

*Subject to final approval for delivery in 2020 at the South Western Sydney campus

A world-class legal education

A Bachelor of Laws from UOW equips you with a comprehensive legal education: a world class degree that provides a thorough grounding in the law, as well as a real-world focus on the essential practical skills and the social and ethical context in which the law operates.

[Dean of Law]

My name is Professor Trish Mundy and I'm the Dean of Law at UOW Law. In 2018 we launched our Law program at our Liverpool campus, so UOW South West Sydney. Our Liverpool campus offers many opportunities for students and the Law school. Opportunities including community engagement, opportunities around research partnerships. We also encourage our students to have international experiences. Whether that's going to exchange overseas or whether that's international experiences in the classroom.

[Student 1]

In school I studied legal studies and I found that quite interesting. I thought that law was a degree for me and as a result I'm pursuing it now with the University of Wollongong.

[Dean of Law]

One of the key features of UOW Law is its' First Year Integrated Program. One of the elements of the First Year Integrated Program is its' Pods and Pods is essentially where students are grouped together and they study with the same group of students across all of their subjects in the first semester of their first year. This has the real benefit of facilitating strong friendships, strong study groups and really a much more personalized connection with not only their classmates but with the teaching staff.

[Student 2]

In the first year of law we're assigned into POD groups and it's really beneficial because you get to know everybody in your class. It's a really supportive network.

[Dean of Law]

UOW Law has been voted number one in New South Wales and the ACT for undergraduate law. This means that students can expect a high quality personalised learning experience.


UOW ranks first in NSW and the ACT for undergraduate Law and Paralegal Studies.

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2022

Top 100

UOW ranks 83rd in the world for Law.

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by subject 2022
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Student testimonials

"The research and analytical skills I learned through my law degree have been invaluable. The flexibility that I found at UOW has helped me get to where I am today" - Anna Zhou, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

"I chose to study at UOW South Western Sydney as I heard the culture is amazing. You can really find yourself. Everyone is so inviting and there's a laid back feel, with many rooms for studying and a rooftop for BBQs and socialising" - Alexandra, Bachelor of Business

"The best thing about studying law at UOW was the sense of community. The lecturers were supportive, knowledgeable, and passionate. The tutorial groups were intimate and friendly and you really had the opportunity to get to know your teachers" - Erin Piatek, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws 

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