Transnational Law and Policy Centre

About our centre

The TLPC is a globally engaged and recognised research centre that creates opportunities for the sustainable and ethical development, implementation and dissemination of transnational law and policy. The Centre creates a focal point for multidisciplinary collaboration within and outside UOW.  

The Centre harnesses existing networks and connections to promote and attract further research collaborations leading to impactful research that drives positive change in transnational law and policy. Our collaborations will include scholars,  policy makers and industry leaders so that we continue to pursue innovations that have a positive and tangible impact for our society.

TLPC research seeks to contribute critically to the achievement of the UN Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs) through harnessing research collaborations and networks and furthering sustainable and ethical outcomes.   


Transnational Law and Policy Centre Journal Club

TLPC has established a reading group by the name ‘Transnational Law and Policy Center Journal Club’ (TLPC JC). The club is a forum for academics and doctoral candidates to share and develop ideas within the field of transnational law.

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