UOW Early Admission - Applications closed

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What happens next?

You'll receive your official UOW offer on 15 October before you sit your final exams. Be sure to accept it as soon as you receive it! We hope it will give you extra motivation to keep striving for the results you deserve.

Your offer may include some simple and straightforward conditions, which will be noted in an email along with your offer. If it does, we'll contact you after you receive your final results to confirm if you have or haven't met these conditions, and what your next steps are. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Final results

You do not need to meet any particular subject band results or ATAR score unless specified in your Early Admission offer email. For most students, completing the Year 12 exams is the final step to joining us at UOW in 2022.

It's important to note that your final marks should be consistent with the marks you provided with your application and UOW used to evaluate your eligibility for an offer to study with us in 2022.  We encourage you to continue to study hard, aim to do your best in your final exams and make yourself proud. 

A number of UOW students have told us about their journey to UOW through Early Admission. Have a read and be inspired by their experiences and achievements. What is possible...starts here. 

UAC offers

Once you accept your offer in the portal - which will be provided with your offer - there's nothing more you need to do. You do not need to apply for the course through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) - that was essentially taken care of when you applied for Early Admission.

If you do not receive an early offer in October you still have options to study at UOW next year.

We will continue to monitor your application. If your final results are better than expected we may make you an offer in December or January.

You may also be eligible to gain admission to your course of choice by applying through UAC and fulfilling the ATAR–based admissions requirements. 

“The main reason I chose UOW was the Early Admission program. When I got my early offer, it really cemented my place at UOW. It was nice to have certainty going into my final exams. It relieved a bit of stress and I was really lucky in that sense.”


Bachelor of Creative Arts - Bachelor of International Studies (Dean's Scholar)

“I applied for early admission as soon as it opened. It let me focus on my studies a lot more. I feel like I did better overall because I wasn't as stressed. Finding out a couple of days before my first exam that I already had an offer to UOW took the stress out of everything."


Bachelor of Pre Medicine, Science and Health

“My school encouraged me to apply for Early Admission. I was excited knowing I had an early offer waiting for me, and I still wanted to work hard get a good HSC mark for myself. Based on my final results I was offered two scholarships and a place in the Dean’s Scholar program.”


Bachelor of Business (Finance) (Dean’s Scholar)

“I got into UOW through Early Admission and it lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. The degree that I'm studying had an ATAR of 95 and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to do well. Receiving Early Admission helped me relax in the HSC. I definitely recommend Early Admission to any year 12 students out there.”


Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation

“It was such a relief to get the offer before I sat my final exams. I still really cared about my marks and continued to work hard despite getting my early offer. This resulted in me receiving several UOW scholarships, including one which paid for my first year of accommodation. ”


Bachelor of Nursing

Early Admission helped remove some of the stress I had prior to the HSC. I want to leave this world a better place to live in than when I entered it. If all goes to plan, I should be ‘Dr Andrew Woods’ by the age of 26 which is a crazy thought! All of these amazing opportunities started with UOW, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Bachelor of Social Science (Public Health). Master of Philosophy (Education).

I was so relieved to get an Early Admission offer before my HSC. I've never been the best at sitting exams. They make me nervous. I like assessments better and knew that I could do well in those. I was able to use my results to earn the offer I wanted. 


Bachelor of Sustainable Communities

“I always wanted to study Early Childhood teaching. It's so important, it sets children up for the future. I applied for Early Admission because I'm someone who likes to plan ahead and be organised. I'd heard about it at school and Discovery Day and I loved knowing what I needed to do to get a uni offer.”


Bachelor of Education - The Early Years

$5k off your rent

If you receive a UOW Early Admission offer for 2022 and completed your final studies at a high school in rural or regional Australia, and apply to live on-campus next year, you will automatically be considered for a $5,000 rent discount for your first year in a UOW residence. There is no separate application to complete. As long as you meet these criteria and apply for your UOW accommodation by 14 November 2021, you are eligible to be considered for one of 24 scholarships. It's as easy as that.

With the choice to live on-campus, in the city, or near the beach, there's a residence to suit everyone.




From a hike in the mountains, to a swim in the ocean and all the food, shopping and culture nestled in between, there’s always something happening in Wollongong. With thousands of students calling this coastal city home, it’s the ideal place for you to study.



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Your time at UOW is about uncovering your passions and using them to make an impact. With over 360 courses, across 17 fields of study - you are sure to find a degree that will support your passion and future success.

If you're interested in studying close to home, UOW also has campuses in Batemans Bay, Bega, Liverpool, Loftus, Moss Vale and the Shoalhaven.



Get $5,000 off your accommodation

If you completed your HSC, IB or equivalent at a high school in rural or regional Australia and receive a UOW Early Admission offer for 2022 we strongly advise you to apply for your student accommodation early.

Students who meet these criteria will automatically be considered for a $5,000 rent discount if they apply for their accommodation before 14 November.


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Check out our answers to the frequent questions we receive about Early Admission. 

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