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LLB397/3397: Legal Internship Program

Legal internship program

Clinical education programs for law students have been available for many years in some Australian law schools. The objective of such programs is to provide an understanding of the human, social and policy contexts of law and legal practice. At the University of Wollongong, this objective is met through the subject LLB 397/3397 Legal Internship in which you will complete 20 days of professional experience.

We believe that practical experience is a vital part of legal training. In fact, we are the only law school in Australia that require all students to complete a legal internship as part of their law degree. At UOW, a legal internship is not simply ‘work experience’, it is an important learning tool that gives students an opportunity to observe and reflect on the law in action and apply legal knowledge to real life situations while, at the same time, discern career options and build professional networks.

The Internship is unpaid and will take place in a 4 week block over the dates indicated by the placement dates below and you must be available for ALL specified dates (5 days per week total of 20 days).  If School of Law arranged internship placement dates do not suit, we encourage you to organise you own internship around dates that suit you and your provider.

School Arranged Placement Dates Summer 2023/2024 

  • Session 1: 20 November, 2023 – 15 December, 2023
  • Session 2: 29 January, 2024 – 23 February, 2024

Program dates

Session name Start of Session End of Session
LIP 1 27 February 2023 2 June 2023
LIP 2 5 June 2023 27 October 2023
LIP Summer 30 October 2023 23 February 2024

Upcoming Information session

When: Tuesday, 1st August, 2023

Time: 12.30pm-1.30pm

Please email to register

A student arranged internship may take place anytime within the instance (within dates above) in which you will be enrolled and are subject to enrolment deadlines and approval requirements set out in the Student Handbook.
Your internship start and finish dates must fall within the one instance.

How to apply

Students organising their own Legal Internship should ensure that they read the Student Handbook prior to submitting an application.

The School of Law now uses SONIA, an online student placement system to manage Student Arranged professional experience internships.

Please follow these procedures to organise your own internship:

  1. Obtain a brief letter from your proposed internship supervisor, on the letterhead of the firm/organisation, confirming that:
    1. the internship will be of 20 days duration, indicating the exact dates of the proposed internship period;
    2. the nature of the work to be undertaken and,
    3. the supervisor has read the Guidelines for Supervisors booklet and agrees to the conditions; and confirms that the internship experience will meet the program requirements as set out in the booklet.
  2. Send an email to the Internship Coordinator via advising that you intend to undertake an internship within a specific instance of LLB 397/3397 (i.e LIP 1). This email should be sent a minimum of 10 working days before you plan start your internship. Do not send application forms or Supervisor letter at this stage.
  3. You will then receive a ‘Welcome’ to the program email providing you with a link to SONIA, asking you to complete a Student Arranged Internship Application Form and other requirements via SONIA.
  4. You are required to complete the Application Form and attach Supervisor Letter for Discipline Leader approval.
    1. If your Application Form is declined, you will receive an email to contact the Internship Coordinator to discuss the reasons why and to resubmit form.
    2. If the Application Form is approved, you and your Supervisor will receive separate internship CONFIRMATION emails.

SONIA Guidelines for Students

Apply now

The School of Law organises internships for students over the Winter and Summer breaks only.

When an internship has been secured, the School of Law will manually enrol you into LLB397/3397.

For more information regarding LLB 397/3397 please review our Student Handbook.

The School can arrange your internship placement over the following LIP Summer 2023/24 session dates:

  • Session 1: 20 November, 2023 - 15 December, 2023
  • Session 2: 29 January, 2024 - 23 February, 2024

Application dates for LIP Summer 2023/24 School Arranged Internships:

  • Open: 24 July, 2023
  • Close: 18 August, 2023

Upcoming Information session: 

When: Tuesday 1st August, 2023, 12.30pm-1.30pm
Please email to register

How to apply
School of Law arranged internship applications are submitted via SONIA Online (UOW student placement system).  If you have any issues please contact

SONIA Guidelines for Students

To help you think carefully about the type of internship you want to undertake, how to get the most out of your internship  and what to take away from the internship to help you with future career choices, check out the following resources prepared by Careers & Employability (formerly Careers Central):

Business and Law Internships Officer: Vacant  
Building 40 Room 223

Academic Coordinator: Dr Kate Tubridy

+61 2 4421 5772
Building 67 Room 219

Become a professional provider

UOW Law are seeking organisations across private, public and community sectors to partner with UOW’s School of Law to support our students’ learning and to develop Australia’s future workforce. Partners have the opportunity to build long-term, strategic relationships and add value to their organisation by accessing talented upper year students.

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