Register for counselling support (onshore students)

The counselling service can provide support with a wide range of personal, academic, social and psychological issues that may impact your life. Counselling provides a confidential space where you can discuss your concerns.

Counselling is now being offered via phone, video link or in person at some sites. You may be able to be booked with a counsellor sooner via one of the telehealth options.

The counselling offered at UOW is a short-term service.

If you need longer term support, we may refer you to an external provider. The service may suggest you access support from other internal services, such as:

Getting started

Register to access counselling

Complete and submit the Complete Registration and Consent Form (only current UOW students can access this form using their UOW student login details).

After we have received your completed registration form, a counsellor will contact you within two working days by phone to complete an assessment and discuss how we can best support you.

Support may include booking you in for an appointment with the UOW counselling service or referring you to other internal or external services.  

Before your first appointment

You will be asked to complete a confidential assessment that will provide your counsellor with information to assist in your care.  

Email us if you can't attend your appointment

Please contact us by email if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

If you get an error when you access the Registration and Consent Form

Please contact us by email and we can assist you to complete your registration.

Confidentiality and information storage

Counselling services  provided to students by  the UOW Counselling Service are confidential. 

The mental health professionals who provide counselling are either directly employed by UOW or are engaged by UOW via a third party provider, Lifeline Direct. These professionals will maintain notes, log and record all sessions to guide assessment and treatment. 

No information will be shared outside this service unless you have given your permission. However, in certain circumstances your information may be released to a third party if the mental health professional makes a judgment that you or another person is at risk of harm or where there is a legal obligation to produce or share your information.

Your counselling file is kept on a secure database, and is not connected to your University student file or to Medicare records.

All information will be handled in accordance with privacy laws. For further information, visit UOW's privacy page.

Supporting documents

The Counselling Services cannot provide documentation for academic consideration applications or other UOW processes unless you have attended counselling on a regular basis.

If you are applying for academic consideration or any other UOW process that requires the submission of supporting documentation, please familiarise yourself with the appropriate policy (e.g. Student Academic Consideration Policy) and available guidelines (e.g. Academic Consideration - Guidelines for Students) to understand your responsibilities in doing so.

Student Support Advisors can also provide advice to students ahead of them making such requests.

If you have a disability or health condition, this includes mental health issues, you may be eligible to register with Student Accessibility and Inclusion (SA&I) for additional help and support.