Indigenous applicants

UOW's Graduate School of Medicine understands the important role of Indigenous medical practitioners in addressing the disparity of health outcomes for Indigenous people. This is demonstrated through a commitment to training Indigenous doctors by providing a range of support mechanisms for applicants who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants are encouraged to contact MD admissions in the first instance.


Academic Lead of admissions: A/Professor Lyndal Parker Newlyn

Admission criteria and eligibility

Admission to the UOW MD degree is based on:

  • A weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) from a valid Bachelor’s degree.
  • A valid GAMSAT score, no more than two years old at the time of application. For more information on the GAMSAT, please visit the GAMSAT website.
  • A completed UOW GSM Admissions Portfolio.
  • A UOW GSM Admissions Interview.

For detailed information on each of these criteria, please visit the sections below.

Applicants are required to reach acceptable levels of performance in GAMSAT, interview and GPA as determined by the GSM. Applicants who are successful in receiving an interview offer must undertake the standard structured interview process, and an Indigenous community panel interview with the Academic Leader: Admissions & Selection, Director of Teaching and Learning and a community representative.

Applicants must sit GAMSAT and apply through the GEMSAS online application system, identifying themselves as of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent in the appropriate section of this form. As part of the GEMSAS application, completion of a written Portfolio is required to be considered for a place at UOW. This will become automatically available online when applicants elect UOW as a preference through the GEMSAS portal; applicants do not need to submit a separate application to the GSM.

The UOW GSM Admissions Portfolio is a written description of an applicant’s experiences and achievements. Applicants have the opportunity to highlight areas of achievement, leadership, teamwork, service ethic and commitment as well as ties to regional, rural and remote communities.

To assist applicants in preparing their portfolio responses, the Portfolio Template and Portfolio Guidelines are available to assist applicants in drafting their responses.

Please visit the following links to access these documents:

The GSM Admissions Portfolio may take time to complete and it is recommended that all applicants commence preparation early.

Please visit the GEMSAS site to apply and to access further information on how this online application system works.

The GSM recommends all applicants apply via GEMSAS. This application process provides greater flexibility and more options for applicants as it allows preferencing of up to six medical schools.

This application process should only be considered if an applicant:

  • Applies after the GEMSAS application closing date or;
  • Only wishes to be considered for an offer at UOW.

Applicants applying via the dedicated application process must submit the following documentation to the Admissions Office of the GSM:

  • A completed 2020-2021 Indigenous Application and Portfolio Form. Applicants are still encouraged to use the Template and Guidelines available via the links above when preparing responses for their Portfolio.
  • Certified copies of university transcripts showing the completion of a three-year undergraduate degree (if a degree has already been awarded). Applicants who are in their final year of study will need to provide certified copies of their most up-to-date results. Applicants should also provide certified copies of any postgraduate qualifications, if applicable.
  • GAMSAT results (if the GAMSAT has previously been completed). Otherwise, a valid GAMSAT ID number is required for test result verification by the Admissions Office once results are available.

All Indigenous applicants are required to provide evidence of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, demonstrated by one of the following forms of proof of identity:

    • Confirmation of Aboriginality - Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Organisation form completed by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Organisation that is either:
      • Incorporated under the Corporation (Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (formerly the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976), or;
      • An incorporated community organisation where all the members of the organisation are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both.

This documentation must be viewed by the Academic Leader: Admissions & Selection.

2021 Dr Krish & S Reddy Indigenous Medical Scholarship (Doctor of Medicine)

There are too few Aboriginal doctors in Australia. 

The Dr Krish & S. Reddy Indigenous Medical Scholarship (Doctor of Medicine) has been established with the aim of encouraging more Indigenous Doctors in our country, and the ultimate goal of improving Aboriginal health outcomes in the longer term. 

Value $25,000 per annum
Duration Four (4) years
Level of Enrolment First Year
Graduate Type Postgraduate (Coursework)
Number Available One (1)

For more details and to apply visit the scholarship website.