Domestic Applicants – Rural Entry Pathway

Applications for 2024 are now closed

The UOW Doctor of Medicine program (MD) is currently undertaking a review and renewal process. We anticipate there may be changes to the admissions process for 2024 applicants (2025 entry). Please pay attention to this website for further information - the details of any changes to MD admissions process will be made available in early February 2024.

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UOW MD program offers a Rural Entry pathway with a minimum number of 39 places to students from a rural background with demonstrated ties to a regional, rural, or remote community.

Applicants for the rural entry pathway must follow the same application process and timelines as the general entry pathway. Please read the Domestic Applicants - General Pathway section of the website carefully for more information.

UOW uses rural residency/schooling information to assess background regarding living and studying in rural and regional areas. This is assessed and scored using the Modified Monash Model (MM2 to 7).

Please note that this has changed from the ASGC-RA model used in previous years’ applications. The MMM classifies metropolitan, regional, rural and remote areas according to geographical remoteness, as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and town size.  The most recent classification (Modified Monash Model 2019), based on 2016 census data, is the one by which we will assess your rurality. The Modified Monash Model (MM 2019) is made up of 7 categories:

  • MM 1 Metropolitan areas
  • MM 2 Regional centres
  • MM 3 Large rural towns
  • MM 4 Medium rural towns
  • MM 5 Small rural towns
  • MM 6 Remote communities
  • MM 7 Very remote communities

The Australian Government currently defines ‘Rural origin’ as residency for at least 10 years cumulatively or any 5 years consecutively in a MM2-7 area.

UOW will require rurality verification of your schooling and residential address details as outlined in the Portfolio. Rurality supporting documentation must be submitted directly to GEMSAS.

Please refer to the GEMSAS website for more information