Graduate School of Medicine

The Graduate School of Medicine at UOW has proudly produced over 1,000 medical practitioners, each with a commitment to patient-centred and evidence-based medical practice. Our graduates contribute to the enhancement of healthcare in all geographic settings and have a focus on regional, rural and remote communities. Closing the gap on Indigenous health is a priority and UOW aims to produce culturally safe medical practitioners.

Improving rural and regional health outcomes

About one-third of Australia’s population lives in a rural or remote area, which creates challenges in terms of equity of access to health care. In addition to this, rural and remote populations face unique health and social issues such as Indigenous health needs and inequities, farm safety, social isolation and natural disasters. These issues are compounded by higher rates of chronic disease, substance abuse and suicide in these settings.

Graduate Medicine at UOW is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people living in rural settings, and we continue to build our rural and remote outreach to improve the quality of care given to patients in country hospitals and rural practices by making a contribution to addressing the misdistribution of the medical workforce. We believe that an important part of improving rural and remote health is to ensure that the people affected most - communities, patients and their families - are included in the process.

Doctors for regional and remote Australia

UOW’s Graduate Medicine program is at the forefront of regional retainment. One-third of all UOW medical graduates are now working or training in rural areas.

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The team of specialists at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital. Photo: Paul Jones

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarships & pathways

UOW is dedicated to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve a career as a doctor. We are passionate about having dedicated pathways to enable access to our Doctor of Medicine postgraduate degree, as well as providing access to a number of generous scholarships to support students during their studies.

A profile photo of Bronte Haynes, a UOW student