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The creative industries employ more than 611,000 people in Australia - that’s 6.2% of the total workforce.

Employment in creative industries is growing 40% faster than the Australian economy as a whole.

There are literally thousands of creative careers waiting for people with the right mix of skills and experience.


UOWTV is a showcase of UOW storytelling, creativity and journalism. It has a social-first approach to sharing stories of UOW and the community. Work is showcased across social media platforms, YouTube and the UOWTV website.

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Why study with us?

We firmly believe that to be a creative leader, you must appreciate and understand all aspects of the creative industry. From day one there is a balance between theory and practical learning and all of our courses provide students with opportunities to put learning into practice. 

We provide a creative environment that encourages and supports collaboration and innovation. You’ll be studying with likeminded students committed to the Arts. You’ll have the opportunity to work with students from a wide range of disciplines, building the foundations for strong friendships. These friendships will provide inspiration to your creative work and provide a professional network once you leave University. 

We have specialist equipment and teaching facilities – computer labs for Design, theatres for Performance, studios for the Visual Arts and workshop spaces for Creative Writing. Our Digital Media Centre at the Innovation Campus offers state of the art teaching and technical facilities for digital film- making, digital photography, film and TV studio practice, editing, animation and media arts. Backstage Hope is a working rehearsal space with equipment for theatre productions, including a walk-on lighting mezzanine and sound and video control room.

Recently completed, the Jillian Broadbent Building provides complex and highly technical creative spaces to support innovative teaching and research practices.  Allowing students to acquire cutting-edge professional-level skills and experience to work in the real world in the disciplines of Theatre and Performance, Music and Communications and Media (including Design and Journalism).  

You’ll be taught by staff who are professional writers, artists, designers, performers and directors - many of which have media and industry experience. Throughout your degree, you’ll be encouraged to develop the creative and critical skills needed to pursue a profession in your chosen field.  Who better to learn from than those who know what it takes to cut it in the industry?  They know how to prepare you for the industry because they work in it.  They will give you valuable insight into the rapidly changing creative industries, teach you practical skills and offer advice and support for your future career.

We provide you with opportunities to showcase your work throughout your degree to allow you to build your creative identity and share your art with your peers, family, friends and the industry.

As a creative arts undergraduate student you can choose from our creative arts majors as well as majors from the University’s shared pool, allowing you to gain expertise in a range of disciplines. You can even choose from a range of double degrees. Whatever your interest, UOW allows you to make it work by turning you into a multi-skilled professional.