Jillian Broadbent Building

This new facility is built to attract and develop the best social sciences and creative arts minds and to provide a forum for new thinking, innovation, learning and creative expression that will help drive growth within our communities

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Building 29 at the University of Wollongong

Music facilities

The music program has a range of facilities specifically designed to support the teaching and learning of music students and staff. Facilities include ensemble practice rooms, computer labs, recording studios and post-production edit suites.

The Music Recording Studio is our flagship studio and is a professional-grade, fully functional recording facility. The studio enables staff and students to compose, record and mix audio content for bands, small ensemble, podcasts, films and voice-over.

The recording studio comprises of a live room and a large control room. A variety of external outboard gear, synthesisers, guitar amplifiers and both a concert grand and upright piano compliment a mixing console that is capable of recording 24 channels. A broad selection of microphones are available to ensure recordings are made to a high quality.

Radio studio

The radio studio is a fully equipped media production facility used to create and produce radio shows, radio documentaries, interviews, podcasts and voice-over recordings. All content can be pre-recorded and streamed live online.

The studio features broadcast-quality condenser microphones, headphones, monitors, and a mixing desk. Students can edit their digital content using a variety of sound and video production software such as Hindenburg, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Pro X.

The studio also houses a green screen wall, facilitating the production of video media content.

Students in Radio studio
Students and teachers in radio studio

Digital Media Centre

The Digital Media Centre (DMC) is a state of the art technical teaching facility located at the UOW Innovation Campus (iC). This multimillion dollar facility is primarily utilised by TAEM students in the areas of media arts, screen media and visual communication design. The facility is shared with students from TAFE NSW.

The DMC provides hi-tech digital facilities, including a film and television studio, animation room and computer labs, a specialised recording and sound stage area and editing suites. The centre also has a number of exhibition spaces.

Performance and Theatre studios

The Performance and Theatre program produces approximately twenty productions a year in a variety of venues both on and off campus.

Our main venue, Performance Space, is a 100 seat, two storey studio style theatre space, with six discreet winchable lighting bars and capability for suspended scenery. The backstage area provides a complete crossover and some storage and a level access loading dock. There is a small dressing room, control/dimmer room and scissor lift.

Presentations in this space include theatre productions and music concerts, as well as media and visual art exhibitions.

The Black Box studio is a 90 square metre single storey theatrette with 6 dead hung, patched lighting bars. Audience capacity is 25.

The Backstage Hope is a large multipurpose dedicated rehearsal and technical theatre space with an extensive catwalk, loading dock and backstage area, storage, foyer and kitchen facilities. The Backstage Hope has a maximum audience capacity of 40 people.

Technical Theatre student
Student production

Visual Arts studios

Our Visual Arts studio facilities support a broad range of contemporary art practices with specialised equipment and expert technical support.

Studio disciplines include painting, textiles, sculpture, photography, media arts, print-making, drawing and illustration. Specialisations are extensive and include, but are not limited to: Oil, acrylic and watercolour painting, repeat print textile design, screen printing, natural and synthetic dye processes, fibre arts, ceramics, welding, construction, digital and analogue photography, video art, etching and woodblock printing, contemporary drawing, and illustration in traditional and digital online media.