Our people

The team of academics from the School of the Arts, English and Media are professional writers, artists, designers, performers and directors, and are immersed in the world of creative industries.

Head of School

Associate Professor Jo Law

Deputy Head of School  - Research

Associate Professor Catherine McKinnon

Deputy Head of School – Education

Dr Christopher Moore

Head of Students

Dr Renee Middlemost

Head of Postgraduate Studies

Associate Professor Guy Davidson

Communications and Media

Technical Coordinator

Anna Jones - anna_jones@uow.edu.au

Technical Officers

Glenn Alexander - glenn_alexander@uow.edu.au
Riley Jones - riley_jones@uow.edu.au

Music, Theatre and Performance

Technical Coordinator

Aaron Hull - aaron_hull@uow.edu.au

Technical Officers

Matthew Steffen - matthew_steffen@uow.edu.au
Jarrod Riesinger - jarrod_riesinger@uow.edu.au

Visual Arts

Technical Coordinator

Stacie Sims - stacie_sims@uow.edu.au

Technical Officers

Tom Williamstom_williams@uow.edu.au 
Nikki Easterbrook - nikki_easterbrook@uow.edu.au
Courtney Coller - courtney_coller@uow.edu.au
Deniz Balabay - deniz_balabay@uow.edu.au

Technical Assistant

Matthew Crawford - matthew_crawford@uow.edu.au

For equipment loans and space bookings

Phone: 02 4221 5599
Email: taem-techsupport@uow.edu.au

For more information on specific academic or professional staff, please visit the university contact directory.