Education is a critical foundation for success in life and our research spans from early childhood, to primary and secondary school, and vocational and higher education (including teacher education).

We specialise in researching learning and teaching across disciplines, with particular strength in language and literacy, mathematics and numeracy, science, physical and health education and Aboriginal education.

Research students in Education

Undertake your higher degree research with the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at UOW.

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My family has been built from my time here, not only because we share passions and interests in education, we're all here, we're all young we're all excited to be here together, and we want to learn.  

My name is Claire Rogerson and I'm a PhD student studying music education at UOW.  

I originally chose to come to UOW because it had the best education program in the country and I really wanted to learn from the best.  

The fact that when I came here it was taught differently to every class I'd ever been in and they were engaging, and I really appreciate that the teachers here at UOW think more widely and think how they can apply this learning to your future application as a teacher. They really put some consideration into the course program the outline so that it gets you to be where you need to be as the best teacher possible. 

Our Research

Lady writing in book while sitting at a table Centre for Higher Education Research, Innovation and Impact (CHERII)
Children's stacking blocks spelling out Play, pedagogy and curriculum in contemporary theory and practice
Child drawing with a red pencil on a piece of paper Pedagogical Laboratory for Education