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Group coffee meeting

Centre for Higher Education Research, Innovation and Impact

As education providers, universities need to ensure that teachers employ pedagogical approaches that promote student-centred learning and leverage digital technologies to provide an overall innovative high quality learning experience.

The research foci of this group seek to advance knowledge to inform solutions for these ‘wicked problems’ through its research in a diverse range of complementary areas to ultimately make a positive impact on student engagement and learning.


Projects our group are working on include examining the student experience, e.g., how they experience university life, how students learn online, what is the quality of that learning, etc., and investigating the teacher experience, e.g., exploring teaching and design practices.

Postponed until 2021

CHERII Seminar: Understanding practices using The Theory of Practice Architectures

Past Seminars

Seminar about “Student Success”

Presentation by Visiting Associate Professor Rola Ajjawi

Presentation by Professor Sarah O’Shea

Presentation by UOW PhD Candidate Jacinta McNamara - Presentation

Presentation by UOW PhD Candidate Annette Turney - Presentation

Seminar by Visiting Professor Rhona Sharpe, March 2019: PresentationVideo

Seminar by Visiting Professor Allison Littlejohn, January 2019: PresentationVideo

Seminar by Visiting Emeritus Professor Stephen Kemmis, July 2018: Presentation