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Human behaviour is complex; sometimes predictable, often irrational, but always fascinating. Your interest in understanding the human condition can take many forms, from helping people improve their mental health, to advocating for social change that improves quality of life, to holding a mirror to society in works of art. Review your study options below.

How will you investigate human behaviour?

Psychology & human behaviour
Study Social Sciences Social Science & Advocacy
Humanities & Social Inquiry
Lyregbird TAEM performance Creative & Performing Arts

Meet Sarah

I have always had an interest in what drives people’s behaviour, how the mind works, and why people feel the way they do. These interests drove me toward studying psychology. I hope to one day become a Clinical Psychologist working with people in a clinical setting—while continuing my research. Sarah Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Candidate Bachelor of Psychology Honours

Stories to inspire you

UOW psychology lecturer, Dr Tim Byron The psychology of music
A voice for change
Seeing clearly
A performance of the play Twist mo Spin in Vanuatu. Photo: Paul Jones Art influencing life
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Meet Alex

My first lecture in Globalisation of World Politics sparked my interest in politics. Along with a trip to Geneva, this was enough to make me change to a Bachelor of Arts, where I could combine politics and economics and the freedom to question the status quo. Alex Bachelor of Arts (Politics, Economics) Director - National Skills Reform Taskforce Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business

See where your degree could take you

Your interest in human behaviour could lead to a diverse and rewarding career, with opportunities in psychology, management, policy development, public service, the creative industries, and the community sector.

No matter your path, your UOW degree is appreciated by employers; UOW is consistently rated in the world's top 200 by global employers (QS Graduate Employability rankings). Here are just some of the careers you could pursue:

  • Actor & performer
  • Child protection officer
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Community or social services officer
  • Content creator
  • Counsellor
  • Curator
  • Editor
  • Educational officer
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Life coach
  • Market and social research consultant
  • Mental health advocate
  • Musician
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Organisational behaviour consultant
  • Personnel or human resources manager
  • Policy analyst
  • Public health nutritionist
  • Public health project manager
  • Public health research officer
  • Publisher
  • Refugee services advocate
  • Social or market researcher
  • Social planning advisor
  • Social policy advisor
  • Social worker
  • Writer and columnist
  • Youth worker
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