US Financial Aid

The University of Wollongong has been a ‘Deferment Only’ institution since June 2023. As a deferment only institution, the University can no longer certify US Federal Student Loans (e.g. the Direct Loan program). The University of Wollongong no longer accept new students apply for Direct Loans under the William D. Ford Direct Loan system.

Deferring loans

The University of Wollongong can approve a deferment if you have received a US Federal Student Loan.

If you are enrolled at the University of Wollongong on a minimum half-time basis, they can apply to defer repayment of those loans. The student can contact their lender for the appropriate forms, which can then be certified by the University Fees and Scholarships team.

Please be reminded that any funds you receive are loans that must be repaid. As a borrower it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities.


Financial Assistance Information

  1. Information about ways to access financial support including government assistance, scholarships and bursary, can be found here:
  2. Information regarding US Private loans.

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