The University of Wollongong engages with governments and international organisations that sponsor coursework and research students at UOW. Sponsors support students by covering the students’ fees and expenses for the duration of their study. The University values our sponsor relationships and we provide additional services for sponsors and sponsored students such as a:

  • A dedicated contact point for sponsored students and sponsor agencies
  • Progression monitoring of sponsored student cohorts
  • Provision of academic reports for sponsors regarding students they are supporting

How do sponsored arrangements work?

The University of Wollongong may agree to invoice an approved third party for a student's fees. For this to occur, there must first be an agreement for a scholarship-type arrangement between the student and a third-party sponsor organisation; and the University must be satisfied that the agreement is in place and that the sponsor has agreed to be invoiced directly.

Students who are fully or partially supported by a third party sponsor must also provide the University with an acceptable signed Financial Guarantee from the sponsor. The financial guarantee must include the following information.

  • sponsoring organisation's name and contact details;
  • your name and student number;
  • university name (i.e. University of Wollongong);
  • your program name (and major if relevant);
  • details of the sponsorship (i.e. commencing and finishing dates of the sponsorship, tuition fees, SAF, overseas student health cover single/family);
  • invoicing contact (name, position, address).

If the University is satisfied with the sponsorship agreement, the approved sponsor will be invoiced for the tuition and other costs described in the financial guarantee. Invoicing will occur after the Census Date each teaching period for the duration of the sponsorship.

Need more information?

View our frequently asked questions or contact the Scholarships and Sponsorships team at sponsorships@uow.edu.au