Veterans affairs

UOW is an approved institution for the administratiion of US Department of Veteran Affairs funding under the GI Bill program.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs will be eligible student education benefits for pursuit of an approved progam of study.

Due to the large number of course approvals with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, application for course approval can only be requested if you can provide a Certificate of Eligibility from Veterans Affairs and have an offer to that course from UOW. 

You can check whether your course is approved by visiting the US Department of Veterans Affairs website and entering the following details:

  • Institution: University of Wollongong
  • Program Type: Institution of Higher Learning
  • Country: Australia

If your course is not yet approved, contact the Scholarships and Sponsorships team at so course approval can be requested.

Eligibility for VA benefits can be extended to veterns, members of the Selected Reserves or National Guard; and children or spouses of service-connected deceased or totally and permanetly disabled veterans. Each US Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) education program has distinct eligibility requirements under specific chapters of Title 10 and 38, US Code (USC). All students who feel they may be eligible for education benefits under VA should submit an application.