Financial assistance

A wide range of payment options are available to non-school leaver students, so you don't need to worry about being burdened with fees while you are studying at UOW.

Many non-school leaver students qualify for HECS-HELP, so you won’t need to pay university fees up front. This includes being able to defer payment of your student fees until you're earning a full salary. For information about undergraduate course fees, please refer to the fees page.

The following options can assist students:

Commonwealth supported places

All places in all undergraduate degrees and some postgraduate coursework degrees are Commonwealth supported places. This means the Australian Government contributes funding towards the tuition fee of Commonwealth supported students. You will be required to pay a contribution to cover the remaining costs of the course; however, a HECS-HELP loan will help cover some or all of your student contribution fees.

Most postgraduate research degrees are covered by the Federal Government's Research Training Scheme.

Government assistance

The federal government provides financial assistance to eligible students through income-tested schemes such as Austudy, ABSTUDY and Youth Allowance (for those under the age of 25 when they begin university).


UOW assists students from diverse backgrounds through the provision of scholarships and grants. This can provide support and allows students to focus on their studies. You can find more information about the scholarships available and the application process on our scholarships page.


HECS-HELP is a loan that assists eligible Commonwealth supported students with their contribution fees (it replaces the previous HECS deferment scheme). It means you won't have to make any repayments until your income reaches the minimum threshold.

HECS-HELP is available to Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa in a Commonwealth supported place. Your UOW offer of admission will clearly indicate whether you are eligible.


Full fee-paying students (postgraduate students only) may be eligible for a FEE-HELP loan to cover their tuition fees.Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa are eligible for FEE-HELP. Your UOW offer of admission will clearly indicate whether you are eligible.

If you wish to study at postgraduate level, please visit our postgraduate site.