Workshops and training

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In Person Training

Bystander Intervention

UOWX accredited

The workshops aim to provide participants with the tools they need to be active bystanders, and how to safely intervene when they are confronted with harmful, threatening, or inappropriate behaviour.

Expressions of interest to attend a Cultural Change Workshop can be made by contacting SARC.


Flip the Script

UOWX accredited

The Flip the Script empowers young women to trust their judgement and overcome social pressures to be "nice" when their sexual integrity is threatened.

Flip the Script includes 12 hours of training in a safe and inclusive environment where you will learn to:

  • identify the warning signs of sexual violence and coercion,
  • explore and expand your understanding and beliefs about relationships, sexuality, and sexual violence,
  • and learn practical physical techniques that can be used to resist sexual violence.


Self-Paced Training

Understanding sexual violence in university communities

Certificate of Completion offered

Self-paced online training program on the drivers of sexual assault and sexual harassment in university communities, the impact incidents have on individuals, how to best support victim-survivors when disclosures are made, and where to seek support or make a report at UOW.

The online program will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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Consent Matters

Certificate of Completion offered

Consent Matters is an online module that covers sexual consent, communication in relationships, and bystander intervention.

This course will help you understand what consent is and identify situations where it can’t be given.

This training is mandatory for all students and is to be completed in their first session at UOW.

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Set The Bar

Certificate of Completion offered

Set the Bar is a free, interactive online training which has been created for staff working in pubs, clubs and licensed venues on how to recognise, report and call out undesirable behaviour.

Set the Bar has been developed by the SARC team in consultation with the Wollongong Local Liquor Accord and was awarded a Diamond LearnX awards for Best Learning and Development Project (Best Learning Campaign).


Webinars and external training opportunities

Social Media Self-Defence workshop - eSafetywomen

eSafetyWomen is a specialised 45-minute program offered by the eSafety Commissioner. Your participation is anonymous with the external learning provider.

The training teaches women how to use tech tools to safely manage their social media, report online abuse, and protect their well-being. The webinar is designed to provide women with skills and strategies for interacting online at work with impact, confidence, and resilience

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Cyber abuse or online harm is when someone sends harmful communications that are menacing, harassing or offensive. It can include posts, comments, emails, messages, memes, livestreams, images and videos.

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Learning about sexual assault and relationship violence is never easy, and it can be even harder when your native culture and language is very different from that of Australia.

The Your Body, Your Choice factsheets below contain important information for students who have experienced sexual assault.

The resource was developed by Redfern Legal Centre, City of Sydney and Study NSW in 2018, and last revised in 2022.

When someone experiences sexual violence, the people they choose to talk to about it play an important role. Having a supportive family member, friend or co-worker can make a big difference.

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Online dating can be fun and safe with a little planning and care. There are ways to keep yourself safer when online dating, including being aware of your behaviour and how your devices work and how scammers operate.

How to stay safe when online dating

Modern slavery affects some 40 million people across the globe, with women and girls disproportionately affected. This grave violation of human rights is unacceptable. UOW is committed to combatting modern slavery practices in our supply chains and our business operations, and promoting practices to identify and reduce the risk of such practices when within our local and international communities.

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Contact the SARC team

The SARC team is responsible for leading the University’s work to prevent violence, abuse and harassment from occurring on our campuses. They are also responsible for providing a coordinated response and support if it does happen.