Support for parents studying at UOW

If you are a parent, or a soon-to-be parent studying at UOW, there is a range of support available to enable your success at university.

Support with your studies

Our Student Support Coordinators can assist you with any disruptions to your university studies, or help you navigate juggling your home and study life. In addition to this, if your child is unwell or if you are experiencing any complications with your pregnancy, you may be eligible for academic consideration.

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment whilst at University, or are experiencing violence, abuse or harassment either at University or in your home life, our Safe and Respectful Communities (SARC) team can support you to navigate this.

UOW also has a Mature Age and Postgraduate Students club. Connecting with students, with similar lived experiences, will increase the support networks available to you at university.

Facilities for parents

Combined Parents and First Aid Rooms are available across our campuses. The rooms provide a space for parents (both students and staff members) to feed and change your baby, with some spaces featuring a small kitchenette.

First aid recliners have been added to each room to provide respite and a calming space to recharge for your mental health. First aid kits are provided in each room, for low risk and/or minor respite. 

You can use the campus map to search for the closest parents room on Wollongong campus.

KidsUni is an Early Education and Care Service available on UOW campuses and in Wollongong CBD. Kids' Uni is operated by UOW Pulse and is a not-for-profit. UOW students receive priority access to the service.

An educator from Kids Uni engaging with a child

Northfields Psychology Clinic provide a range of programs and services for children and their families including parenting programs, programs for children, and therapy services.

Services are provided by provisional psychologists who are currently undertaking postgraduate study in Professional and Clinical Psychology.

Northfields Clinic Receptionist explaining referral form to client

Frequently asked questions 

UOW seeks to provide a family friendly workplace and study environment and has a Children in the Workplace and Study Environment Policy.

Below are some frequently asked questions for parents studying at UOW. 

Breastfeeding is supported. Breaks from class can be discussed with your lecturer.

In circumstances which are unforeseen and/or unavoidable and where you are unable to make alternative arrangements, you may need to take your child into a class. 

You will need to contact your lecturer prior to the class commencing to seek their permission. This should not be seen as an alternative to regular childcare arrangements and ensure that the child does not disrupt the normal business of the class. 

Please note that some classes held in art studios and laboratories are not safe for children, so these requests will not be approved.

You can always take a leave of absence from your studies. We would recommend speaking to one of our Student Support Coordinators, to ensure that this is the best option for you, and putting in a place to support you to return to your studies.