On-campus exams

If you have an end of session exam that is being held on campus, it will show on your exam timetable and you will have been notified by the exams team. The following information does not apply to students who choose to come on campus to complete their online exam(s).

Yes. If you are attending an exam on campus, you must present one of the following valid forms of identification before entering an exam venue:

  • UOW student ID card or UOW College card (the back of the card must be signed) 
  • Australian drivers licence 
  • Passport 


The following items are allowed to be brought to an on-campus exam. These guidelines apply in all on-campus exam venues at all UOW campuses in Australia. 

You should bring any stationery needed for your exam. Remember to bring a 2B pencil and an eraser for completing multiple choice answer sheets.
You cannot borrow stationery from exam supervisors. Once the exam has started you are not allowed to borrow stationery from other students. Conversing with students in order to arrange stationery will be considered a breach of the exam rules. 

You may bring water into your exams:

  • it must be cold or room temperature (no hot water)
  • in a clear (i.e. see-through) plastic bottle with a lid
  • labels must be removed

The only food item permitted into an exam venue are lollies (sweets). 

  • wrappers must be removed
  • lollies must be contained in a clear zip-lock bag

You may wear hats and other head coverings during the exam. However, these items must be inspected by an exam supervisor before the exam starts. 

If you are wearing clothing of any kind that obscures your face or your ears, you may be asked to remove that clothing for inspection. This will be done in private with an exam supervisor of the same gender. It is your responsibility to make sure you allow enough time to do this before your exam starts. 

As per current health guidelines, face masks are not compulsory in exam venues, but are optional for those who wish to wear one - as long as it does not inhibit your ability to undertake any part of the exam. You will be asked to temporarily remove your mask upon entry to the exam venue to perform an ID check.  

You may be permitted to use additional aids for a specific exam, for example textbooks or notes may be permitted. You will be able to check this on your personalised timetable on SOLS when the final timetable is released. 

On your subject outline and exam timetable you will be able to see whether you are permitted to have any notations, markings, underlines, highlights and tabs on these additional aids. If they have not specified whether these notations are permitted then it is assumed that you will be able to have them. 

You may use UOW library books instead of your own copies of texts unless your subject coordinator has said on the subject outline and exam timetable that this is not permitted. 
If you are sitting an exam held on campus, you must ensure that your calculator is an approved model and you have sourced a UOW approved calculator label. Please refer to our calculators page to ensure that your model meets the required criteria. 

The following items are permitted to be taken into the exam venue but they must be placed in a clear zip-lock bag no larger than A4 size and stored under your desk. 

  • Valuables - purses, wallets, keys, fitness devices, watches (including analogue and digital) and glasses cases
  • Small electronic devices including but not limited to tablets (e.g. iPads), MP3 players, handheld computers, electronic dictionaries and smart watches and all other electronic devices worn on wrists
  • Mobile phones (must be turned OFF - not just on silent, vibrate or airplane mode)

Note: All electronic devices are to be powered off. 
Electronic devices detected on desks, in your pocket or otherwise in your possession will be confiscated and the matter treated as academic misconduct. 

The following items are not permitted in on-campus exam venues:

This includes any form of opaque (not clear) bag larger than A4, including but not limited to; carry bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and briefcases. If you are sitting your exam in the Sports Hub, you will need to leave your bag in Building 41 Room 104. Please make sure you leave enough time to do this before your exam starts.

Large electronics (laptops)
Any form of large electronic device (i.e. will not fit into a clear A4-sized zip lock bag) including but not limited to tablets and laptops.

Blank paper
This includes tissues or anything else that could be used as blank paper. Raise your hand if you require tissues and they will be provided in the exam.

Written material/notes
Not permitted unless specified in the subject outline and exam timetable. Including items such as prayer books, packets on products such as tissues, eraser covers and cigarette packets.

Food and drink
No other food except lollies, and no other drink except water that is cold or at room temperature.
If you have a disability or medical condition which requires you to eat or drink anything other than water and lollies during your exam, you should ensure that you have registered with the Disability Services at least three weeks before the exam period so that alternative arrangements can be made for you. No other exceptions will be made.

Opaque (not clear) pencil cases
Only see-through/clear pencil cases are permitted.

Calculator cases and covers
Please remove the covers and cases on your calculator.

Other items
For safety reasons, items such as umbrellas, glass, cigarette lighters and matches.

Storage of unauthorised items
The items specified above must be left outside the exam room. The University does not guarantee the safe-keeping of your personal items during exams. If you are concerned about the safety of your valuable items you should make other arrangements for their care while you are in your exam.

You can enter the exam venue within the first 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the exam. If you start your exam late you will not be given any extra time.

If you arrive after the first 30 minutes, you will not be permitted to enter the exam venue. You will need to report to an exam supervisor who will issue you with a form to take to your subject coordinator. 

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, arriving late for an exam is NOT sufficient grounds for a deferred or supplementary exam. 

You cannot leave your seat until 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the exam, except in exceptional circumstances or emergencies. Please make sure you visit the toilet before your exam starts. If you have finished early, raise your hand and stay in your seat until a supervisor has collected your exam materials. 

Leave the room as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing other students. Please also be aware of students taking exams in nearby venues. If you finish your exam in the last 10 minutes of the exam, you cannot leave your seat. Please wait quietly while other students finish their work.

If you leave the exam venue early you will not be permitted to return to the exam. 

If you are unable to attend your on-campus exam and have not already applied for academic consideration, or been advised of an alternative arrangement, please contact the Exams Team at exams@uow.edu.au. They will be able to discuss the option(s) available to you based on your individual circumstances. 

Yes. Alternate assessments will be equitable with on-campus examinations. Alternative exams for students who cannot attend an on-campus exam will also be invigilated, or where this is not possible, specifically designed to maintain academic integrity and fairness.

If you fall ill during an exam you MUST advise the exam supervisor before leaving the exam venue. In this case, you can apply for  after your on-campus exam.

If your Academic Consideration application is approved by your Subject Coordinator, you may be able to undertake a deferred exam in the scheduled deferred exam period. Please make sure you are available during the Supplementary and Deferred exam period relevant to your session.

The supervisor will tell you when there is 10 minutes left of your exam. Make sure that the covers of all exam materials are completed with your name, student ID number and the number of exam booklets used. Any unused booklets must still be completed with this information and returned with your other materials. 

Do not take the exam paper or other exam materials from the exam venue. Make sure to listen to supervisor instructions. If you do not follow these instructions misconduct proceedings may apply. 

You must remain quietly seated in the exam room until your exam materials have been collected and wait to be dismissed by the exam supervisor. 

COVID-safe measures for on-campus exams

For students who choose to come on campus to complete their remote exam(s), please ensure you follow the physically distancing requirements for the venue/room where you will be completing your remote exam. Current physical distancing requirements can be found on the NSW Health website

We are implementing a range of measures for on-campus exams, to ensure the safety of our students, staff and exam supervisors. This includes strict capacity limits, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning across all exam venues.  

This needs tweaking as venues will likely be at regular capacity.

Yes you can. Masks are not compulsory, but you can choose to wear a one as long as it does not inhibit your ability to undertake any part of the exam. You will be asked to temporarily remove your mask upon entry to the exam venue to perform an ID check. 

UOW continues to follow all government and health advice regarding physical distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, or tightening of restrictions, we will respond appropriately, and in the best interest of the safety of our students and staff. 

Should any on-campus exams be moved online, or replaced with alternate assessments, impacted students will be notified directly by their Subject Coordinator.