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Want to know what you can do remotely right now to enhance your employability? Focus on and develop the key things that are central to every job application now and in the future – your resume, selection criteria address and interview style. These are things that we don’t always spend time focussing on but we really should. We can help you with that! If you’re also looking for some guidance on where your degree could take you or how you can put in place a solid career plan, talk it through with us. Your passion and drive, combined with our experience with industry and the job market, can bring about some positive change for you in the career space. All you’ve got to do is book in.

Book a Career Chat (online or phone) - All UOW campuses

Book an appointment via CareerHub or phone us on (02) 4221 3325 and we will make the booking for you.

How does it work?

Following social distancing guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Careers Central will be providing all career chats remotely to maintain the health and safety of students and staff.

When booking your appointment on CareerHub, you will have two options:

  1. Cisco WebEx Meetings: You will be able to interact with Careers Central in a Skype style setting using your computer or mobile phone. The device you use must have a microphone, speakers, and where possible, a camera.
    Instructions on how to download and use WebEx for mobile and computer.

  2. Telephone: Careers Central will call you directly using the mobile phone number you have provided in SOLS. Please be ready with your questions at the allocated time.