Ignite your Future

It's time to Ignite your Future - a careers program designed by Careers Central specifically for final year students.

What is Ignite your Future?

As a final year student, very soon you will complete your degree, opening the door to several potential career opportunities. To assist you in preparing for your future career, Ignite your Future, an online careers program for final year students, is all about helping you to be better prepared and to feel more confident and ready to make this transition.

Take the next steps towards your career future and enrol now into the Moodle site, designed by Careers Central specifically for final year students. By enrolling into the program, you will find all you need to plan your career development and employability activities this year, to contribute to a successful post-graduation career.


What's involved in the program?

Throughout the Ignite your Future program you will:

  • learn more about yourself, your career goals and potential career pathways
  • put plans in place to further enhance your employability
  • find out how to connect with employers who recruit UOW graduates
  • have the opportunity to book sessions with our Careers & Employability team, as well as
  • learn the practical knowledge and skills you need to be competitive when applying for future roles

You can also gain UOWx recognition for your engagement in this program.

New content will be added to the Moodle site regularly and you can work through the tools, resources, activities and online modules at your own pace throughout your final year.

The Moodle site will also feature key upcoming careers events held throughout the year that you can register for such as employability workshops and events.

How do I enrol into the program?

If you are in the final stages of your degree, it's time to set 'future you' up for career success by enrolling into Ignite your Future. 

You can enrol by adding yourself to the Moodle site.


Please note: some students may have already been invited to join this program through a final year subject, and some of the activities may be a required component of that subject.