Careers events

Right now, this is an ideal time to work on your resume & job applications and get targeted career advice. Following social distancing guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, Careers Central will be facilitating all events digitally via WebEx to maintain the health and safety of students and staff.

Instructions on how to download and use WebEx for mobile and computer.

Meet employers

The Careers Central team is working closely with employers to ensure presentations will continue this session. Using WebEx, students will have the opportunity to engage with employers and ask questions about their grad programs, job opportunities and their industry expertise.

Careers expos, seminars and workshops

This session our workshops will be running via WebEx. Please ensure you have downloaded the WebEx meetings app and signed up to any workshops or seminars that interest you.

Find out about upcoming careers and employment related events by scrolling through this page. Log on to CareerHub to reserve your place.

You can also log on to CareerHub to set up your preferences and find events relevant to your needs.